Monday, August 8, 2011

There's an App for that! Best in iPhone 4 Women.

About a week after my husband gave me my iPhone I fell in love all over again! I could easily check my email, log on to Facebook, see the weather, set an alarm, and listen to music all with a simple click from my home screen. Oh yeah and make phone calls! Then I discovered apps ... and my love affair went to a completely committed, all time high. Sharing a few of my favorites that just might Rock your world too.

1. MyFitnessPal – FREE  (Personal dietician)
A model is always watching her weight and the best calorie counter on the iPhone, MyFitnessPal, lets you set your daily calorie goal and then record daily exercise and food you eat (over 1,000,000) to make sure you are staying on target. It will also help you when you go out to eat with caloric numbers from popular menu items of PFChangs, CPK, Subway and more. Once you’re logged in you can enter your current weight, height and sex and go on to create your personal profile with how much you wish to gain, or lose. It will calculate for you the number of calories you need to eat and the number you need to burn to meet your goal. No need to write it all down anymore in a food diary, plus you can go back to track your progress from week to week.  Motivation from your phone!

2. TripIt – FREE (Personal Travel Agent)
Traveling for photoshoots and bookings, TripIt puts all your travel plans in one place. To use it open your account online and forward your confirmation emails to with the email you signed up with.  It will automatically scan and consolidate them into one travel itinerary for you. You can see all the details of your TripIt  itineraries whether you are online or airport mode offline. Get maps and directions, link to airlines and dial phone numbers to hotels on your iPhone straight from your TripIt  itineraries. Are you also the master travel agent? Keep all of your family members trip info here, by date. Simply forward their confirmations from your email too, so that you have everyone’s whereabouts at your fingertips!

3. Kindle – FREE e reader
Amazon’s e-reader has been around awhile, but now you can buy the books to read without the Kindle device. The Kindle app allows you to download and read all of their e-books right on your phone. No need to carry the paper version of your favorite book around or another electronic reader, just your iPhone! Don’t forget – Face This is available for only $9.99 on Kindle. Keep instant access on your phone for easy updates when you’re taking photos. P.S. I find the screen size on my iPhone is the perfect distance for eyes in need of a little  aging “focal” help.

4. Evernote – FREE  (“real” memory storage)
As a writer who is self-published, self-promoting and self everything, I am always writing ideas down. I used to jot notes everywhere to jog my memory so that they weren’t lost forever. My iPhone has a built in notes app but it doesn’t sync to the computer so they are stuck on the phone. Evernote syncs with your computer and can save photos, notes and record voice memos. Helps you remember everything … from snapping a photo of the wine label you loved at dinner to that favorite joke someone just told you!

5. MINT – FREE (personal banker/bookkeeper/financial advisor)
Mint  tracks your income, spending and investment balances and transactions together all in one place so you can have access to your entire financial picture all in one place. Mint is connected to almost every financial institution with Internet banking capabilities in a password-protected site. Give your credit card some attention, pre-set budgets, categorize your spending and track progress of your financial goals.

6. Grocery IQ  – FREE (errand boy)
Popular at my house, Grocery IQ saves the need to phone home while you're at the grocery store. When you run out of an item, before throwing it out, just scan the bar code (with your phone’s camera) and it will appear in your list. Mine is synced with my husband and when either of us updates this list we get a notice on our iPhone telling us that the Grocery IQ has been updated. even allows you to store coupons in your phone so you no longer have to remember to bring them to the store.

7. iPeriod – FREE  (Personal Assistant /Menstrual Calendar)
To help you remember when she comes to visit every month there’s an app called iPeriod. A password-protected app with a built in calendar to track your time of the month, most fertile days and an email notification system to warn you of upcoming or late arrivals. No more stuttering when asked at your doctor’s office the time of the start of your last cycle.


Who Called? – FREE 
When you get calls from a number you don’t recognize this app will find out who’s calling by using reverse phone lookup.

Date Check – FREE (private investigator)
Allows you to scan "Sleaze Detector" for criminal records, a "$$$" feature with details about home ownership and other "vital" statistics. There's even a "Compatibility" feature to help you find out the chances of a relationship to sizzle or fizzle.

The Bad Decision Blocker – 99 cents (Worth every penny!)
You know he’s not good for you, but you can’t resist calling or texting him. The Bad Decision Blocker app, hide’s his contact information for up to one week to eliminate the temptation to contact that bad boy or ex by putting his number on lockdown. And it can’t be reversed until the time is up. Only works if you don’t know his number by heart, but before blocking a contact, you must delete any text message conversations and all previous call history that exists with Mr Wrong. (The app can’t do this for you) 


Baby’s First App – 99cents 
You’d pay 5Xs more for this built in entertainer. Useful for waiting rooms, restaurants and planes ... you can entertain your little one and help them learn with this app.  With a touch of the screen your toddler will hear and see letters, numbers, animals, colors and shapes. Another similar iPhone app to check out is Toddler Cards for $1.99

Family Car Games   $1.99 (Are we there yet?)
Entertaining backseat passengers for hours, this app gives instructions for 100 no-equipment needed, family games to play anywhere while you are waiting to pass the time together. After you get the instructions you can put away the phone so there is no fighting over who gets the iPhone (also no car sickness from staring at it!)

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