Tuesday, May 8, 2012

FACE Time: Heated Eyelash Curler - What's in a model's makeup bag!

Eye-lash curling is such an easy way to emphasize your eyes giving your whole face star appeal ... The new heated lash curlers on the market make this old school beauty tip easier than ever to do! 

Many women often don’t spend the time to curl their lashes or if they do they are doing it incorrectly causing damage and fall out. No matter what length your lashes you can amp up your peepers with the right tools and the right technique:

The best metal eye lash curler that makeup artists swear by is made by Shu Uemura and it has become the gold standard - best in class - for good reason … It has a long bed plate that actually curls lashes as opposed to bending them which can cause damage to the lash. For $20 it’s a must have!

To use, make sure all shadow and liner is finished and your lashes are clean. Sometimes it helps to keep the curl if lashes are just a bit damp. You can run the metal curler under hot water before using it. Another trick is to heat up the metal curler by blasting it with air from your blow-dryer before using it, but be VERY careful not to touch the metal to your eyelids if you try this. Then clamp the upper lashes near the roots or base of your lid careful not to pinch the skin. Pull upward slightly and hold for around 30 seconds. If you have long lashes move up the lashes and squeeze once more. This will give you a better look than just one big bend in the lash line. Only then is it time for mascara. My favorite at the moment is Mac’s Zoom Lash.

After you have curled your lashes and have applied mascara you should comb the lashes using a lash comb to separate each lash. Combing the lashes also makes your lashes look more natural and remove any excess mascara.

I have long lashes but the corner of my left eye is not as curly as my right making this little accessory a must have in my beauty bag.
Tweezerman Corner Lash Curler for $10.00. This corner curler keeps both my eyes looking more evenly matched! It’s a great tool for lashes you may have missed or to keep in your purse for a little perk up because it’s very small and easy to use. It’s also really great to use on the outside of your eyes if you have stick straight lashes that need a little extra tease to curl.
The heated eyelashes curler is my new can’t live without gadget that is especially awesome if you are a little gun shy about the whole getting pinched thing. Sephora makes one for just $16 and the best part of this little innovation is that is used AFTER you apply your mascara so you can use it as a pick me up anytime anywhere. 
The curler heats up via a battery in the wand and gently warms the waxes in mascara resulting in a stronger, longer-lasting curl.  It takes about half a minute to heat up once you turn it on and then you simply place the comb on the lash line just above lashes and gently lift to comb lashes into the shape you want like a mascara brush. Hold for a few second and repeat across the lashline until you get the look you like.

The Rolls Royce of heated eyelashes curlers is the Hotlashes appliance for about $35. It heats up a tourmaline crystal pad and creates an ionic flow that locks in a curl for around 24 hours. Sort of like a curling iron for your eyes! Just the curler part gets warm but the rest of it stays cool.  If you use your basic curler, apply mascara and then a heated curler your lashes will stay curled no matter how straight

And for those times you are traveling or might not be able to find your eyelash curler … never fear - you can use a regular teaspoon to make an eye lash curl. First apply your mascara. Next heat up the spoon with your hands or make it warm (not hot) with a blow dryer. Then slide your lashes against the outer edge of the spoon and press your thumb over the edge to bend the top of your lashes for a few minutes, working the curl upward.

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  1. ~ Thanks for this post!
    I love all articles about eyelashes, mascara, as I have really straight lashes and when a curl lasts makes my eyes look bigger and gorgeous..

    I so love sharing with others about great products I have tried ~ The best ever`` eyelash curler I have ever found is the Hot Lashes eyelash curler, makeup Artist kit. Loved the reviews on Amazon and was impressed. There is also a site of the same name Hot Lashes.com.

    This curler is exactly like the Shu Uemura curler with a amazing 24K gold plated curler and this small pink heater base. Keeps my straight lashes curling till the next day....I so HTH~

  2. Love the Hot Lashes heated lash curler...Thanks for recommending~!

  3. I have long lashes while my sister has long AND naturally curly ones. I used to so envy her! Thank God for Sephora heated eyelash curler. I don't leave the house without it.

  4. I love lashes and mascara and love to use this.

  5. This product is a must have. Thanks for the post.


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