Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to Make Your Own Metallic Cap Toe Shoe - the look of Chanel for just a few $$

Leave it to Coco Chanel to make this classic fashion cap toe pump a timeless hot trend for Fall 2012! The best part is that you can recreate this metallic blocking yourself with an old pair of scuffed pumps and make them new again - Plus recycle and save some $$! 

You will need: masking tape, sheet of paper, tape measure, spray adhesion primer, metallic spray paint, clear glossy top spray.

  • Wipe off surface of the shoe with a damp cloth, then make sure it's completely dry before beginning.
  • Decide how much of a cap toe you want - for this pump it was 2 inches from the sole up.
  • Take out a tape measure and mark your line.
  • Use masking tape on the outside of the mark you've made to create the line.
  • Wrap any paper, a sheet of paper works great, around your shoe to make a barrier where you don't want the paint to spray.
  • Use a spray adhesive primer, found at automotive or hardware stores as your first layer. All of the spraying should be done outside, in a well ventilated area with gloves. Don't skip this step - this will differentiate your shoe from looking home-made or high fashion. This spray is a primer and will allow the paint to adhere to the shoe. 
  • Shake the can really, really well and spray 1-2 feet away. Let it dry 1-2 hours.
  • After it's dry apply the metallic spray in super light coats - at least 3 in total. Hint: try it first on the surface you are using to spray on - like newspaper. And be sure to shake the can at least 2 minutes before using.
  • Let the paint dry about 1-2 hours between layers.
  • Apply the clear gloss. It is very important that you get the gloss and not an enamel or other finish! Let this dry a few hours before removing the tape and paper.
  • Mistakes? Use a q-tip and nail polish remover.

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