Friday, October 26, 2012

Women & Money: Credit Cards Don't Lie

When it comes to money sometimes there is a disconnect between what we know, what we want and what we do. 

Below is my quote for an article published yesterday on Yahoo Shine about women's best money advice:

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Evaluate your priorities
"Take a look at your credit card statement to see your real priorities ... it will quickly become apparent. 
If you are spending all your extra cash on clothes, entertainment and facials but your desire is to invest in your business, buy a bigger house or give to others, you are losing credibility if only to yourself." Shelley GoodStein, Tucson, Ariz.

{I am thankful to my friend Allison, who reminded me that it actually is an investment in my business to spend money on makeup and clothes! HA ... but always good advice to check in with yourself every once in awhile to be sure!}

This article reminds me about another valuable money lesson that I've learned over the years, which is to never put yourself "on sale" and I am not referring to the Julia Roberts Pretty Woman way! Whatever it is you do, never devalue yourself or settle for less. The minute you do, you create an impression that you are worth less to others and yourself. Put a real value to what you do - sometimes that is not always monetary but when it is, make sure you are respecting your true worth.

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