Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Hello Rio! Top Models Train like Olympic Athletes

The Rio Olympics are in full swing and promises to be as spectacular as ever, with the added bonus of being set against a backdrop of dramatic scenery and exotic beaches covered in carioca and their enviable figures.  Not one nation does beach culture quite like the Brazilians with their emphasis on toned but curvy bodies, and sporty athleticism.  Beach sports are everywhere on Copacabana Beach, from sand volleyball, foot volley, surfing, to frescobol, which is a bit like paddle tennis on the sand, and everyone participates while showing off their fit bodies in the tiniest of swimwear – no wonder the Brazilian bikini wax started right here.  

The Olympics always inspire me in my own fitness routine to be stronger, faster, leaner, and to have more endurance.  It makes sense that many of the top models in the world train like athletes to achieve their amazing bodies and to be at the top of their game, some even after having babies, like Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, and Doutzen Kroes.  

Adriana Lima mixes jump rope with shadow boxing, Doutzen Krose goes for ballet and biking, Isabel Goulart mixes her routine up between running, TRX, and pilates.  Gigi Hadid also boxes several times and week, and Karli Kloss uses resistance bands and does pilates.  

Weight training, non-deep lunges, pilates, ballet and barre classes, jumping rope, boxing and running are the top choices of models, who mix up their training, alternating between cardio and weigh-bearing exercise.  Pilates and ballet improve posture and core strength and give muscles long, lean definition, which is essential for models.  Cardio gives them stamina and energy. Being genetically tall is one thing but these girls train like athletes to reach their peak physical potential, and to be lean and strong rather than skinny and weak.  

Traveling, or not having access to a gym is no excuse to skip a workout.  These models are prepared and diligent about getting in a workout no matter where they are in the world.  They bring ankle weights, slide plates, jump ropes and resistance bands so they can exercise anywhere.  I’ve even seen models doing lunges up and down hallways at castings, and jumping jacks in dressing rooms and pushups against the walls – every little bit helps and keeps the body alert and not always at rest, which maintains a good metabolism, and energy level.  Not to mention long, lean, muscle tone.  So no excuses!  We might not have access to top fitness trainers and gyms but we can follow these models and be inspired to get moving and to be our best. Many top models post examples of their workout routines on their instagram feeds if you need a daily dose of inspiration!  

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