Thursday, June 22, 2017

Jane Birkin – Style Crush

Born in England but with a French soul Jane Birkin has become a style legend. Her look has been so outside of fashion that it became its own fashion, a look that has been channeled by Kate Moss to fashion designers and brands, to bloggers like Alexa Chung.

Jane has never looked like she was trying to hard or that her look was “studied”.  It was just Jane being Jane, with her tomboy figure, fringed bangs, and laid-back style. It was as if this tall, willowy creature with the big eyes and long hair just threw on her jeans and at-shirt, a lick of mascara and she was off, creating a French style esthetic that hasn’t changed since then.  For Jane, bras and shoes were optional. 

Becoming Jane is as easy as wearing flared jeans, fitted t-shirts, white button down shirts, jean shorts, stripes, and midriff-baring crop tops.  There is no easier summer beauty look than Jane’s, and straight-haired tomboys need only a rosy blush, and mascara worn on both the top and bottom lashes to play up the wide-eyed look.

There is good reason Jane’s style and beauty endures to this day.  It is incredibly sexy and youthful for a woman to be natural, and to wear simple, classic things that make you notice her rather than her makeup or what she is wearing.  She doesn’t need any embellishment or to transform into something else.  French women to this day can thank Jane making simple jeans, t-shirts, men’s shirts, skinny necklaces, natural hair, and fresh-faced beauty with a dash of mascara the look that today is considered the epitome of French girl cool. 

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