Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Golden Ratio: George Clooney rated the Most Beautiful Man in the World

We’ve known it for decades but science has confirmed it: George Clooney is the most beautiful man in the world, at least the world of celebrity.  London plastic surgeon Dr. Julian De Silva used the Golden Ratio to measure the faces of male celebrities rating them on a scale of ten by their score out of one hundred, with George Clooney at the top of the list with a score of 91.86. (But seriously, did we need science to tell us that? Just saying.

So how do you measure beauty using math? The golden ratio, or divine proportion is an ancient Greek mathematical equation based on “phi” or 1.618, where the sum of two qualities is equal to the ratio of the quantity as a whole.  Sounds greek to me, but generally it was used by the ancient greeks as a way to measure symmetry which they found to be the most perfect representation of beauty in relation to art, sculpture and architecture.  Ever noticed how ancient sculptures of greek gods are representations of perfect male specimens?  Divine proportions indeed.

So does this theory hold true to modern day beauty standards?  Consider the top ten list compiled by Dr. De Silva: no one would argue with the results, although maybe personal preferences might rearrange the ranking order. 

The Golden Ratio measures “beauty” based on symmetry which leaves out sexiness, personality, humor, or expression, all of which add to a man’s appeal, so while a symmetrical face might make a man beautiful it doesn’t replace a twinkle in the eye or an off-kilter smile.  Having such symmetry may have a great effect on achieving success in the world of celebrity, as even though most people are completely unaware of why they are attracted to a celebrity’s facial beauty.  It makes leading men more telegenic and photogenic, which means more screen time.  Of course a beautiful face won’t go far without being backed up with serious acting or music skills. George Clooney and the others in the top ten list have depth, charm, and talent, that combined with their symmetrical good looks is a winning combination. But being handsome, certainly doesn't hurt career prospects.

The Golden Ratio is ageless meaning the most beautiful male celebrity is 56 year old George Clooney, and we agree. Can’t argue with science. 

To learn more about the Golden Ratio and how to find out where you fit on the scale, see my post:  The Perfect Face - Golden Ratio Beauty Calculator

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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