Thursday, October 5, 2017

Claudia Schiffer Builds Her Lifestyle Brand One Stylish, Supermodel-approved Product at a Time

Legendary super model Claudia Schiffer is on her way to becoming a powerful lifestyle brand one fringed boot, red lipstick, and luxurious sweater at a time.  One of the most successful and enduring models of the nineties, Claudia has never really had a break from the fashion and beauty industry in the last thirty years of her career, but then she never really wanted one.  Through marriage and motherhood, Claudia has remained as relevant today as she has been at any point in her career.  So deep is her love of fashion, it has resulted in her own personal warehouse filled with her collection of iconic designs from the most coveted designers, from gowns to knits, to footwear, handbags, and more. 

But to think that Claudia lives in couture would be completely off the mark.  In fact, she is much like the rest of us, refining her own personal style into a uniform of classic pieces that work for her busy life, are comfortable, fun, and infinitely relatable.  Jeans, boots, trousers, flats, sweaters, blouses, and knits that can go from her English countryside estate to business meetings and beyond, are as functional for her as the rest of us, prompting her to create a line of cashmere sweaters and knits that are luxurious, sporty, fresh, and versatile.  My personal favorites are her versions of striped sweaters, a symbol of classic French style. 

This year saw the launch of the highly anticipated Claudia Schiffer Makeup Collection in collaboration with ArtDeco Cosmetics, highlighting her own favorite products and colors, gleaned from her lengthy career as the face of a multitude of brands.  Who couldn’t benefit from the beauty secrets of a woman who has stood at the pinnacle of the fashion and beauty industries for decades?

Although we have seen her countless times “running in heels” as it were, Claudia is more likely to be seen in lux boho suede boots and chic flats, worn with jeans and a sweater for her busy schedule, proving that true style does not compromise on comfort.  Her passion for footwear has led to an exciting collaboration with Edgardo Osorio, designer of the coveted label Aquazurra, in an eight-piece collection ranging from suede boots and booties that are equal parts boho and French-woman-chic, to embroidered flats that pair just as perfectly with jeans as with a gown.  In true Claudia Schiffer fashion several pieces are embellished with tiny stars giving them a hint of a supermodel flair. 

How Claudia arrived at this point is the stuff of fashion legend and to celebrate her thirty year career she has just released her own book published by Rizzoli, a perspective of her experiences working alongside legendary editors, photographers, and designers over the decades.  Fittingly the book launch was feted in grand style at Fashion Week in Milan. 

Claudia Schiffer is more like the rest of us than not, despite her success, as she proves beauty and style are not exclusive nor defined by age or time.  She is firstly a mother and wife who just happens to be a supermodel and powerhouse brand in the making.
                                                               XOXO Shelley

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