Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Timely Acceptance of Ageless Beauty and Style

Notice the emergence of the many bright, shining silver stars staring back at you from the pages of the magazines lately?  The beauty and fashion industries have finally taken off the blinders and realized the glorious appeal of the mature woman.  Maybe it is the aging population, or the purchasing power of the largest demographic in the US, the demand of the ageless woman to see herself represented in the media and in advertising which is addressed to her as much as anyone else, or the realization that a woman doesn’t simply turn off her appeal, handing it down to her younger counterparts when she reaches “a certain age”.  Beauty and style do not have an expiration date.

Maybe it is riding the wave of the new inclusivity and individuality in the fashion and beauty industries.  Or maybe people just began to acknowledge the intense beauty, sophistication, vibrance, and allure of women of all ages.  Quite a counterpoint to the traditional standard of implying that beauty is solely the domain of youth. Allure Magazine declared that it will no longer use terms such as anti-aging, and is leveraging their editorial might to persuade advertisers to do the same, driving home their point with a recent stunning cover and feature of the glorious Helen Mirren. 

Maye Musk, mother to Tesla founder Elon Musk, looks gorgeous wearing makeup trends normally reserved for younger women, proving that glamour is for anyone who has the confidence to pull it off, destroying the notion of being “age approporiate”.  L’Oreal Paris featured Jane Fonda and Helen Mirren in their triumphant show on the Champs Elysees in Paris this past season to resounding applause, and are the faces for skincare lines Age Re-Perfect and Age Perfect. 

Legendary supermodel Lauren Hutton has appeared in J Crew campaigns for the past decade, rocking her “tom girl” look page after page – and we are buying whatever she is selling.  Fashion designer Rachel Comey is just one of many designers embracing women of all ages to respresent her brand, featuring Joceline Beaudoin in her latest campaign.

Fashion icon Iris Apfel at age 96 is as busy as ever, collaborating, modeling, and sharing her unique and fresh perspective on fashion, beauty, and life in documentaries and interviews world-wide.  Her short silver white hair and oversized black round glasses are instantly recognizable, not to mention her exuberant love of color, texture, and personal flair.  If Iris doesn’t prove that beauty and style are indeed ageless, who could?

My own experience as a model over fifty was not something I foresaw in my early career as even a possibility.  I neither look nor feel my age and I am not about to be pigeonholed into traditional fashion or beauty standards of the past.  And I am not the only one.  I am represented in Paris by Silver Model Management @agencesilver where models over forty are championed and careers continue and thrive without an expiration date.  I feel a part of a wonderful movement that has been a long time coming.  The day when we open a magazine or see a campaign where the model – or celebrity – was chosen because she represented what the public actually wants to see is not far away. 

                                                            XOXO Shelley

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