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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Model's Street Style - NY Fashion Week Castings

NY Fashion Week is fast approaching and the agencies have all their best models and hopeful new faces all ready to go.  Show packages are delivered and the top casting directors’ schedules are full.  The models are out in force, cramming in a dozen castings a day, all over the city and the boroughs, books in hand, trying to be one of the lucky models selected to walk in the premier runway shows in NYC. 

Some of my friends have lived this experience time and again, season after season, fashion capitol after fashion capitol.  The pace and the anticipation never changes, and despite the fact that the entire process belongs to the fashion industry, all eyes everywhere are on the models and their personal style. The casting “uniform” has barely changed in decades: skinny jeans, concert tees, tank tops, booties, black back packs (with high heels inside), leather jacket or hero jacket, sneakers, mini skirts, athletic wear, sunglasses, and a natural, makeup-free fresh face. 

Street style photographers are warming up on capturing these models as they race from casting to casting, showroom to showroom, all in preparation for fashion week when everyone’s style game is kicked up a notch – a major notch.  Show castings are a chance for the model to show off her personality and edge, and to prove to the casting directors and designers that they have the right look at the right time, and would rock it on their runway.  It’s a classic NYC cool look that just works, and no one does it better that these unicorns.  Good luck ladies!  We’ll be watching!

                                                             XOXO Shelley

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