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Monday, January 9, 2017

Model Crush Monday – Sasha Pivoverova

Few models can claim a track record like Russian beauty Sasha Pivoverova.  Sasha began modeling in 2005 after her friend sent pictures of her to IMG while she was a student at art school. Jump to 2017 and Sasha is still at the top of the modeling world, renowned for her ability to transcend the trends and whims of the the fashion industry.

Known for her wide-set icy blue eyes, high sculpted cheekbones, heart-shaped face, and almost alien-like beauty, Sasha has appeared on runways, on covers  and in campaigns around the world, ranging from high street brands like H&M, to her legendary record-breaking 19 campaigns for Prada.  Not merely a stunning and unique model, Sasha's artwork reflects her own beauty, with dramatic portraits of large-eyed women and fantastical representations of the world around her, that her works have been published in Vogue Paris, and is 2011 she designed a sleepwear collection for GAP.  

Her theatrical beauty emanates from within her, not just through her bone structure and coloring. Sasha is every editor’s and art director’s dream model who can be transformed into the concept at hand, while throwing her own unique, creative twist into her interpretation of each project. Sasha is a once classic and timeless, while still edgy, different, and new. 

Mom to daughter Mia, Sasha continues to model, to create art, and to defy the rules of the fashion industry, blazing her own path.  Her edgy, other-worldly beauty is ageless and irreplaceable. Sasha is truly a modern muse.

xoxo Shelley 

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