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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Kitty Litter DIY Facial Clay Mud Mask - Snooki meet Bentonite

In the world of beauty just about anything goes, including crazy cat lady secrets ... So it should have come as no surprise when Jersey Shore star, Snooki revealed in her book Confessions of a Guidette, that if she can't get to a spa, she'll put kitty litter on her face

Well, I thought this wacky beauty advice was worth investigating and as it turns out there is some truth to what she says, as long as you are using  kitty litter that is made of bentonite clay. Only $2.50 for a huge bag ... this will last you a long time!

Bentonite clay is the main ingredient in mud masks used at luxurious spas around the world. It is a natural antioxidant that's great for oily or acne prone skin, and because it is a very absorbent volcanic clay, it pulls toxins form the skin and clean out pores, making them appear smaller. It also acts as an exfoliant which helps in anti-aging and cell turnover.

To make the clay mask yourself, it couldn't be easier - Just add water! Seriously. 

You can enhance the mask by adding honey, aloe vera gel, egg white, lemon or any essential oil. I personally like to add honey because it helps the mixture adhere to your skin better.

Use about 2-3 Tablespoons of natural clay kitty litter.

Add just enough water to make it muddy and a little watery and mask-y. 
Start with one teaspoon at a time.

 Mix well and pop the mixture into the microwave from 10-30 seconds so it is warm, but not boiling.

Mix again. 

 *Optional add honey.

Apply the watery mud to your skin, trying to avoid the clay pellets, in a thin coat. Wait 15-20 minutes and rinse. Your skin will feel really soft!

Safe enough for my 10 year old's face and 
a perfectly fun recipe for a girly sleep over!