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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Vinyl Lip - Shine on with the Hottest New Lip

One of the most statement-making lips from the latest runway collections is the vibrant vinyl lip in electric shades.  Not to be confused with lip gloss, lip vinyl is highly pigmented, and less goopy and sticky.  The shades range from the palest to the darkest colors, and have a rich depth.  

This modern take on a solid color matte lip can work with any complexion, and depending on the shade can work boldly on its own, or more subdued with an interesting graphic eye makeup.  

This new trend isn't just for the makeup obsessed who want to rock a new look, as it can be worn in any shade you would normally wear whether that's a pale or a strong lip.  It's the texture and luster that is key.  The shiny finish gives dimension to the deep pigment, creating a luscious lip that is versatile and modern.  

                                                      XOXO Shelley

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pop Art Makeup – It’s All in the Details

Graphic makeup that defies traditional beauty rules is one of the most Instagram-worthy trends going at the moment, inspired by Warhol’s bold use of colors, Lichtenstein’s black outlined cartoons, and Nagel’s contoured, edgy women.

Think of using highly pigmented colors in atypical ways that are as far from a nude palette as it gets.  Create patterns, lines, and shapes that show your skills with brushes and liners.  Contour the cheekbones, nose, and jawline to set off the design. 

Being precise is key to succeeding with these artistic looks, and practice makes perfect.  Remember there are no rules and the more creative and skilled you are, the more impact your look will have.  Don’t forget to gram your hard work and your amazing pop art designs.  Try these looks with the products below, and create your own masterpiece   

                                                              XOXO  Shelley

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Friday, March 24, 2017

How to Wear the New Colorful Makeup

Now more than ever, makeup is exciting again, with so many new products, formulations and colors hitting the market just in time for spring.  In years past there were dominant looks that everyone copied….and copied, whether it suited them or not.  There has been a marked lack of originality as people cloned themselves with contour, heavy liner and lashes, and over-done eyebrows and lips, and finally the trend is swinging back into a fresh new take on beauty that is taking Instagram by storm.  

The best new beauty bloggers and Instagrammers are creating amazingly colorful and bold makeup looks, and the result is so refreshing and fun.  It’s a case now of who can come up with the most original makeup without cloning, or overdoing it.  Many of these looks are infinitely wearable depending on the occasion, and by toning down certain elements, or focusing on one standout feature with color.  

Here are three looks that are forward and fresh, and that can be toned down for a softer variation.  Nothing cartoony or fake about these looks, so don’t be afraid of a little color!

                                                              XOXO Shelley

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