Monday, May 30, 2011

Sizzle this Summer!

As a model my summer must-have list will always include a little black dress and a great bikini, but here is a short and sweet list of what I think are some other essentials needed for a fun and fashionable summer!

1. A great coverup. Skin-tight silhouettes are replaced by loose fitting embellished cover ups for 2011. You can add a belt, some great jewelry and go straight to dinner.

Chiffon Coverup by  $44
Coverup by VIX

2. Around since the 14th century, add a touch of Spanish flair in the form of espadrilles!


3. A fedora or straw hat is also a great look for this summer!

4. High heat also means tiny or no straps so it's important to invest in the best fitting strapless bra or try the silicone adhesive reusable ones for backless clothing. And don't forget to make sure you are wearing  sheer undies!


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