Friday, August 12, 2011

Beyond a SHADOW of doubt ... the perfect color for your eyes!

School started this week in Arizona for my kids and while I was there to register my 8th grade son, I was reminded of a couple things from my own school days ...  experimenting with eye shadow as a teenager and art class. The good news for curious girls is that when you are young your face can handle all those glittery, wild tints but as we age it is important to focus on enhancing with color. After all, our eyes capture the attention for our entire face! So time to brush up on what hues are best for your eye color. 

The colors directly opposite of your eye color on the color wheel are called complimentary colors and that’s exactly what they do - compliment your eyes! They will pop your eye and give you your most dramatic look. Your shoes can match your outfit, but your eye color should match your complexion. You can also break that old school rule, that says you shouldn't wear eyeshadow the same color as your eye, by paying attention to the shade you are choosing.

For blue eyes complimentary colors are orange, pink and golds.
Avoid aqua shades because they will compete with your blue eye color.
Lavender will give your eyes a gray blue tone.
Rusty oranges will make your blue electric.
Smoky eyes done with gold, bronzes will be killer with a light blue eye.
If you use blues try silvery, gray or navy.

Green or hazel eye's complementary colors are pink, purples, and orange.
Mustards and peaches will give brightness.
Gold is great to highlight.
Light green and khaki are colors to try in the green family. Also brown with a red undertone (think sienna or pimento) can be nice.

Many women with green eyes have fair skin and freckles, so try to avoid eye shadows that are too shimmery or deep in color. Olive skin green eyed girls should avoid silvery blue shadows.
Sometime black eyeliner is too harsh for your eyes so consider making you eyes stand out by lining with violet or dark brown.

If you have brown eyes you hit the jackpot because almost any color works for you.
Brown eyes have no complementary color because brown is actually a combination of other colors. 
Try jewel tones. For a dramatic effect use midnight blue. Just watch out when using brown colors so that your eyes don’t start to look muddy.

Look inside your brown peepers for just a hint of a green, gold or blue fleck and borrow from those color palettes to pop your unique color. The intensity of the eyeshadow you choose should depend on your skin tone – the lighter your skin tone, the less intense color you should use.

Deep brown almost appearing black eyes can use darker colors but be careful they don’t look too harsh. Try highlighting with the lighter flecks of color in your eyes.

Medium and light brown eyes are the easiest to work with. Consider purples and mauves, copper, golds, bronzes, greens  - use the darker colors in your crease and be careful not to overpower the color of your eye.

Back to school for EVERYONE!

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