Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Makeup Up Trends and One Perfect Dress

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Deciding what to wear for the holidays can be a tough choice but so is choosing what makeup you'll pair with it so don't wait until the last minute ... just in case Mr Right shows up at the same party you'll want to be looking your best!

This year channel your inner  Hollywood glam and think luminous for makeup!

Smokey eyes and red lips are always in fashion for the holidays, but this year the red lips are also matte. Bold lips can instantly change your day look into a dramatic party ready lip! The eye gets a little update with a soft shadow and heavy winged eyeliner reminiscent of a 1940 pin up girl or Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. A q-tip goes a long way in trying to perfect this look and clean up mistakes!

If you're going to a party after work, before piling on some extra mascara, take your eyelash curler and run it under hot water for a few minutes to heat it up. Then, carefully, so not to burn your eye, squeeze your lashes to soften them up so they are ready to accept another coat 
of mascara without gunking them up or ripping out your lashes. The heated eyelash curlers for about $25 by Dior is a great tool to use for this too, it melts the mascara and curls perfectly.

Gold, shimmery highlights are also a big trend for the season and the perfect glow with candlelight! The key is to choose choose just one place to shine so you don't end up looking like a glitter bomb!

Eyes, cheekbones, nails or lips can all benefit from the midas touch! For luminous, pearlescent skin try Benefits Girl Meets Pearl $30. TO use it, after all your makeup is applied, dot it starting at the top of your cheekbones creating a "C" all the way to your brow bone. Blend with your fingertips until it disappears. And for a golden pucker use Nars Lip Gloss in Albatross $24 over any lip color to give a golden shimmer. To do it yourself, take any gold shimmer eye shadow and dust it on top of cheeks, eyes or lips!

Shelley GoodStein is a FORD model who speaks to women through television, national articles and public forums about a model's secrets to looking your best! She is the author of Face This: Advice From Real Models, Photographers and Make Up Artists on How to Become Picture Perfect!

Learn how to take one red pencil dress and style it in different ways to take you to every party this holiday season by changing up three key pieces:  Footwear, accessories and the "topper"  - a key part of extending the life of this dress ... especially if you intend on party hopping!

A casual, biker influenced look. The cool as a cucumber vibe to take you for drinks with friends, holiday gift exchanges and date night!

Perfectly polished for an office party, church or charity brunch.

All blinged out for New Year's Eve!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Neck - How to Banish a Double Chin in your Photos

If there is one comment I hear most from women about taking photos, it is regarding the dreaded, double chin. Just in time for Thanksgiving and holiday picture taking, the turkey neck is a subject that I can offer you some advice about!

Before giving you the on-camera tips, keep in mind that the biggest cause of double chins is excess body fat and some people just carry fat on their chin more easily than anywhere else. In this case losing weight is your solution. Our muscles can weaken as we age and the skin becomes looser there, but sometimes you're just born with a little more fat around the chin. It's possible you also have a genetic tendency to retain too much water in this area so check out my post about how to de-bloat. 

A previously non-existent double chin can show up on anyone at some time or another in a photo. But if you are breaking out into a sweat, dreading being asked to take a photo because you can't seem to crack the curse, then we need to break it down and look at why this is happening in your photos but not in real life. Caught off guard like this woman on the left, when someone points a camera lens at them, people seemingly drop their heads back into their necks. Self consciously trying to hide extra rolls, this only worsens the effect,  leaving her looking like a turtle. Standing up straight with her shoulders 
back like mom said to, would have been the quick fix for this girl's double!

There are many techniques that will work to make you stop mutating into a ninja turtle if you can just remember to take a breath and put them into play:
  • Make sure the camera is above you, not below eye level. Any photo taken below you will automatically increase a double chin effect as seen here ------------->
  • Lean in a bit forward and look up if you're sitting.
  • Lift your tongue, resting it behind your front teeth. This action will bring your chin up and naturally tighten the muscles of the neck a bit. 
  • Extend your neck out and then bring it down ever so slightly. Your image is to think "swan princess".
  • Hide a real double chin by resting your hands underneath your jaw, or by wearing high collars.
  • Putting your hair up or wearing it short will make your neck look thinner and longer, especially if you play up your eyes.
  • Trick the camera with makeup. Use a darker shade of powder, foundation or bronzer along your jawline and under your chin to make it appear to recede in a photo. Then use a highlighter on the center or tip of your chin to make it pop forward.

Kim K's camera phone twitter pic has another hint hidden in her pose that you can take a lesson from, which is angling her head while jutting her chin forward. Don't forget when you are using a camera phone that you want to make sure you hold it at a slightly higher level than your eyes so you have to raise your head up.

Remember, taking consistently great photos doesn't happen by accident ... they take some practice! 

If you want to learn more about the secrets to taking prettier pictures check out my new book FACE THIS, almost 200 pages full of tips and advice from models, photographers and makeup artists on how to become Picture Perfect! Available on Amazon, Nook, Kindle and iTunes for iPod, iPhone and iPad users.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dress like a Model - her Off-duty Uniform

I love seeing the online shows during Fashion Week in New York, Paris and Milan, but as a model I am secretly inspired more so by the photos of the models off-duty in their street looks, than on the catwalk in designer couture. During Fashion Week a model's influence seems to be greater on the street with the paparazzi following their every move outside the shows.

Yes, models are typically skinny, but many of them do not wear skin tight clothes. On the catwalk, models wear the most luxurious, expensive and newest designs, but it's the model's off-duty, street style that we covet most. Here are some photos of models in what I call the standard model uniform. To understand their choices you must keep in mind that they live a jet set life with early morning calls, running around town for go-sees, late night fittings and endless hours in front of the cameras often working in stilettos. It's no wonder that when they have down time they reach  for easy, comfortable pieces that always work with other and ooze a "I wasn't even trying hard" attitude, smothered in style.

Hands down the model uniform in NYC is always black and denim but in Miami you will see color paired with cute sundresses and shorts. L.A. models often have that laid back, eclectic almost vintage, vibe going on. One thing is certain, models create a certain msytique about themselves in a way that makes us want to know more. Here are some of a model's secret weapons when she is off-duty:

Hanneli Mustaparta
1. The basic model color is black of course because it goes with everything including itself for a monochromatic look, but when color is introduced you will notice that it is usually white, gray, ivory, camel, denim or a small splash accent.

2. Models keep it simple. Nothing fussy like ruffles. Always clean lines, nothing busy.

3. Jeans and a white tank, simple cardigan sweater or black leather jacket.
Isabel Goulart

4.  No overpowering jewelry.

5. Clothes fit. Models learn that fit, fabric and style are key. Off the runway you rarely find a model dressed trashy because even though she is skinny and could wear anything, she has learned that it is far more sexy to look and feel the fabric move over her body, flowing in the wind. You may think wearing baggy clothes to cover your bottom is hiding it but it is really drawing more attention and making it stand out.

Iman Chanel
7. Vintage. If you have something from a great designer keep it and recycle it by altering it to transform it for your own style. This goes for anything you love in your closet that you haven't worn for awhile.

8. Experiment. A model takes chances by making a statement with her clothing choices. If you are standing up straight with confidence, no one will question what you're wearing.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
9. Fresh Face. Makeup is natural. Concealer, mascara, gloss and go!

10. Flat boots. Perfect for over arched feet posing in heels all day long. Models tuck jeans and leggings in them or wear them with black tights and a short skirt.

Jourdan Dunn
11. A Large Tote. Have you ever notice how when you carry a larger bag it makes you look smaller? Plus it can carry everything needed for your next casting!

There are times when random strangers have asked me if I am a model, which got me to thinking .... What is it that gives someone that "model look"? I have modeled on and off my whole life, on hold at times for marriages, kids, careers and other interests, but I have always held out that modeling bend and I think it shows!

Last year I was in New York City where high fashion models live and walk the streets everywhere. While trying to get to my friend's house on Long Island, there was a wind storm that ripped down trees blocking the road to her house. So I parked my car and got out to walk when a fireman made his way to me asking where I was going and "ahem, are you a model?" I know you think he just wanted my number, but I was wearing my wedding ring and so was he, making me think he was legit! I had just finished a big modeling job in the city that week and was definitely feeling that NYC model thing inside me and looking the part. I had little makeup on and my hair was pulled back in a low ponytail, wearing a short white tank style dress that fit perfectly.

All models have a signature style based around their best feature. Mine have always been my legs, so of course my dress was short, and with some cork heeled sandals I looked like I had legs for days ... definitely a model-ly look for sure. I was still wearing the confidence of my big job in the city and it was obviously shining through! Everyone should know what it is you love best about your body and make every outfit revolve around that, not being afraid to show it off. When you carry yourself with confidence it begs asking the question "who are YOU?" because you vibrate at a different frequency and people can't help but notice!

Whatever else you are in life, you can still manage to look like a model if you want to. And to prove it, here is Karolina Kurkova, the Czech Victoria Secret supermodel, on mom duty. She is still a model trendsetter in these flared jeans, while she walks with her son Tobin.

Determining what to wear every day is a challenge we all face, but if you want to look like a model take her cues and invest in basic, well-fitting, key pieces that you can wear with everything. It's extremely important to stay true to your personality when finding your signature style. And whenever you walk, even if it's not on a runway, stand tall with  an inner confidence and the aura of a Supermodel....you just might get a tap on your shoulder by a stranger asking you "Are you a model?" because you can see that it's not about expensive designer clothing, it's about the girl wearing a well put together, stylish look. No fidgeting allowed!

Check out my post on {How to Pack and Travel in Style Like Models Do!}

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How To Smile for a Photo .. no cheese Please!

Does anyone really ever say cheese when they  smile? No, yet inevitably photographers continue to ask people to say “cheese”  before they click. 

I have searched for the source of why the word cheese is invoked before picture taking, and except for the reference to a photographer once cutting the cheese, the repeated use of this word to create a perfect grin remains a mystery. However, the 'long e' sound in cheese, does produce the desired effect of opening up your mouth and turning up the corners for a smiling look. Any 'long e' word will work for this … from fleur-di-lis to just peachy, which may explain why I didn’t hear the word fromage uttered alot in front of the lens when I traveled to France.

Is a smile just a frown turned upside down or is there more to it? A model is constantly asked for different expressions and moods in a photo, but when it comes to smiling for real, you cannot fake it. You must be able to draw upon a happy feeling, whether in your memory or a funny joke, for a believable grin.

If you were asked to describe this star's emotion in this photo, although upside down, it would still be easy to do .... as happy.

Even upside down our brain identifies this as a smiling mouth when in reality, turning it around you would see it is actually a frown.

When you genuinely smile, it causes natural wrinkles around your eyes, but when your smile is insincere only the lips smile. If only the mouth turns up at the corners of a smile, it instantly reads fake.

Smiling without her eyes
But when the muscles of the eyes and the mouth are both pulling upward, this is when a smile becomes believable. 

The real deal!

Another way to achieve a genuine, natural looking smile is by lifting your tongue up behind your front teeth. This results in raising your chin ever so slightly and helping to open up your mouth a bit.

It was reported in a New York Times interiew that Tyra Banks has  275 smiles.  She said that “Smiles come naturally to me, but I started thinking of them as an art form at my command. I studied all the time. I looked at magazines, I’d practice in front of the mirror and I’d ask photographers about the best angles. I can now pull out a smile at will.” Like a star athlete who has perfected a jump shot or a curveball, Banks has studied, honed and mastered the smile. In her arsenal are the ''surprise smile,'' the ''angry but still smiling'' smile, the ''flirting with boyfriend'' smile and the ''commercial'' smile. We know one thing, her smile sells. It sells magazine covers, perfume and clothing! 

Speaking naturally or uttering any verbal cue can also help. It was reported that Linda Evangelista is said to have yelled “Hey” at photoshoots before every frame was taken. So take a moment and yell, or just shake your head out to regroup if you begin to feel glazed over or stiff.

Research also shows that in the coutroom when an apology is offered with a smile, the penalty is less than an apology without one. So your grandmother was right when she told you a smile goes a long way and that practice makes perfect!

By the way, never force a smile by showing all your teeth in a joker grin. We know you have teeth, we just don't need to see them all at once! Smiling with your lips closed can be authentic too, as long as you are conveying a real emotion with your eyes. 
The model's secret to smiling is that we know "real smiles are produced with the eyes." The eyes are where you can tell if a smile is genuine or not. Tyra banks invented a word for it ... "SMIZING"... smiling with your eyes. Smize away girls for your best photos yet!

Now that you've got that down check out another post on {How to move for a Photo the way a Model does} ... it never hurts to know it all! And How to Banish double Chins in your Photos!

Shelley Goodstein is a model with Ford Models in AZ and Silver Models in Paris. and Founder of Hidden Crown hair extensions. 

She shares the secrets. tips and tricks that models learn behind the scenes from professional makeup artists, photographers and other people in the industry.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Dress Up Games ... What to Wear!

Thinking about what to wear to make your best impression for Santa and everyone else this year? 

Soon it will be time to shine as the holiday season arrives and invitations start rolling in for cookie exchanges, office and cocktail parties, holiday open houses, family get togethers, straight on through to New Year's Eve. It's always a good idea to plan ahead so that you are perfectly pulled together. You'll be happy you did when you run smack into your ex looking GORGEOUS and effortlessly radiant!

Hues of red are always popular this time of year and if you are out shopping for something to wear, you will have tons of options for that LRD, little RED dress. Lace is also a super big trend and I love this dress, in red lace, seen on Miranda Kerr at the opening of David Johnson's flagship store in Sydney, Australia.  Get a look-alike dress on the right, at janenorman.co.uk for $85.

Sequins, Shimmer and Glitz ...  Oh MY! Embellished choices are everywhere and perfect for dress up games! I was surprised to see such a great and beautiful selection of high shine at Express.com ... available at price points around $100 to help you sparkle. 

Old Hollywood Glam is another big trend this year with longer pencil dresses back in fashion alongside one shoulder styles.  Also, color blocking in all the right places can make you look 10 pounds thinner using optical illusion ... think vertical or keep the darker colors on bottom to help diminish width. 

Remember to finish off your holiday look with some great accessories. Sparkly shoes like these blue satin rhinestone peep toes from VinceCamuto.com for $139 are perfect to turn up the volume on a ho-hum dress. Add a bold cuff or stacked bracelets to draw attention to your wrist like this Roman holiday design for $39 from Shopruche.com. And don't forget about adding a festive clutch ...  with a chain if you want to be hands-free to eat and be merry! Glitter metal bag, $76, from TopShop.com.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Photos ... Better Than You Remember!

You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Why you'll eventually love the photos you hate today.

by Grace Gold : Source YouBeauty.com
Getty images (2)Bette Davis before and after
Bette Davis
As women, are we ever really happy with the way we look?
Whether the grievance is skinhair, weight, or even face shape, it seems we’re always harping on some perceived problem. In fact, a YouBeauty survey of over 15,000 women found that 49 percent were “not happy” when they looked in the mirror, while an additional 24 percent said they felt “neutral” at best. 
Yet there seems to be a catch-22 that emerges later in life for most women; those photos that made you wince with self-consciousness in your earlier years can suddenly look pretty darn good when you view them in hindsight.
In one of her last televised interviews, cinematic icon Bette Davis explained the phenomenon to journalist David Hartman. “I had always loathed my face—I would be haunted by this hideous person,” said the actress of her young days in Hollywood. “And to get to this age, and to look at those shots. No doubt about it—I was the best looking thing that ever lived! Just beautiful,” reminisced the 73 year-old star.
But here’s the conundrum: Is it possible to get to that moment of self-actualization, without having to first wait out a lifetime of feeling miserable about a litany of imagined flaws?
Beauty brand founder and makeup artist Bobbi Brown—whose successful “Pretty Powerful” campaigns celebrate real women of different ages and ethnicities—says that even she was struck by feelings of ugly duckling in her younger years.
“When I first started out as a makeup artist, I didn’t exactly feel confident. I was surrounded by models that were very tall, skinny and blonde, and I was short and brunette, so it was a challenge,” Brown tells YouBeauty.
“I learned that I was never going to compete, and I shouldn’t have to. I created a brand inspired by the idea that every woman is beautiful. It’s about being who you are and appreciating what you have. Instead of focusing on the negative, enhance what you like about yourself, which will make you feel prettier and more confident in the end,” advises Brown.
That transformation in confidence may even launch the most exciting chapter of your life yet. It wasn’t until makeup artist-turned-model Cindy Joseph decided to go gray naturally at the age of 49 that a model scout made an entrance. Joseph has since modeled (gray hair in tow) for brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Anthropologie, and has started her own beauty brand—Boom! By Cindy Joseph.
The beauty expert attributes the success to a change in attitude—not packaging.
“My persona changed when I let go of my self-consciousness and started loving myself. I took care of my health and wellbeing, and I started living according to what pleasured me,” explains Joseph. “When you see photos of yourself you like, try and remember how you felt at the time. You may realize it was your joy that had you looking so good. Taking joy in living is truly a woman’s best cosmetic.”
Looking for inspiration to conquer those negative-Nancy thoughts? Here’s how real women have done it.
Courtesy of Shelley GoodSteinShelley GoodStein before and after
Shelley GoodStein
Name: Shelley GoodStein
Age: 47
What were you hard on yourself about in the past? I always thought my face was too round with chubby cheeks back then, and I was self-conscious of my derriere.
What’s your perspective now? When I was in my 20s, I defined my beauty directly by what I saw looking back at me in the mirror. It was a flat, one-dimensional view of myself with no room for interpretation. I was hard on myself, full of self-doubt and insecurity. Now, at age 47, I realize those imperfections that haunted me existed only in my hyper-critical mind. When I look back through those photos from 20 years ago, I think, ‘I look a lot better than I remember.’ The round face I hated, I now see portraying only a youthful beauty. I am actually in love with the idea that I have some curves, and wonder why I was so self-conscious about it for all those years. It’s one of the parts of my body that my husband—who is nine years younger than me—finds incredibly sexy!
Time gives us such great perspective. I understand now that I am multi-faceted and I bring much more to the beauty equation than a lifeless reflection on the flat surface of a mirror. The image I project also includes my joys, my accomplishments, my dreams and my confidence.

Courtesy of Rhonda M. SmithRhonda M. Smith before and after
Rhonda M. Smith

Name: Rhonda M. Smith
Age: 50
What were you hard on yourself about in the past? My hair, in terms of length and color. I felt that having long hair and the absence of any gray would help me stay young-looking.
What’s your perspective now? I feel completely liberated with short hair, and not worrying about having to color it every few weeks, or having to spend a lot of time doing my hair before going out anywhere, for any occasion. I receive far more compliments on my short hair with my natural hair color than I ever did with the longer, darker hair. It’s about choosing what to do based on what feels most comfortable for me, rather than doing what I felt I needed to do based on people’s expectations when I was younger.