Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ageless Beauty - MORE Tips to Looking 10 Years Younger

A Ford Model's Secrets to Ageless Beauty

Advice from a successful model on skin, lips, hair, and fashion that will keep you looking — and feeling — young. 

by Shelley GoodStein • 
Shelley GoodStein is the author of "Face This: Real Advice from Real Models, Photographers and Make Up Artists on How to Become Picture Perfect!"
Competing in the modeling world at any age is challenging, but now that I'm 47 years old, hitting the runway with girls half my age is definitely a test in self-confidence. Here are some tips to keeping current and fresh in a world where looking your best is always the goal.
To become inspired, pick a few celebrities in your age range that resemble you and take note of the changes in their hairstyle, wardrobe, and overall look. They are getting the best advice from the best stylists, designers, and makeup artists in the world. My own style icon is Demi Moore, a standout beauty who continues to get better with age. Besides stalking the stars, here are some other tips you can use to help find your fountain of youth.
1. Let your skin show through.
Less is more when it comes to makeup. Using too much foundation and powder accentuates fine lines and is a one-way ticket to looking older than you are. If your skin is pretty even, you may want to ditch your foundation and just use a light concealer on areas that are pigmented to even out your skin tone. Try a tinted moisturizer or the new BB Creams, which are great all-in-one time savers! If you're using a foundation, keep it light and start with a primer, a silicone based under-makeup, makeup that sort of glosses the skin to keep product from settling into any wrinkles or fine lines. This is the place toshow some skin and let it glow through your makeup!
2. Lighten up your lips.
Dark lipstick will age you and seep into or draw attention to those fine lines around your lips that sometimes are referred to as "bar codes" as you age. It's best to trace around your natural lip line with a lip pencil that matches the color of your lips and then gloss or use a light shimmery pink color. Stay away from peachy orange shades, which can make your teeth appear yellow. Also steer clear of matte or traditional lipsticks that can dry out lips. Instead choose lighter, sheer, hydrating, glossier lipsticks to look younger instantly. Many higher-end brands like Dior and Chanel carry these in their line. They cost a little more but are totally worth the splurge. 
3. Define your eyes.
When you want to make an impact with your look, focus on your eyes — it's what people notice first. Lining your eyes will make them appear full and wide open, but go softer by using a pencil or shadow in charcoal, dark brown or navy. Nothing accentuates crow's feet and tiny lines around your eyes as much as a harsh, black liquid eyeliner. Use a less-intense line underneath or it will weigh your eye down and make you look tired. Skip mascara on lower lashes entirely if you have dark circles under your eyes, because it will draw attention to the darkness. 
4. Age-defying hair.
Age should not influence your choices with hairstyle, color, or length. What should be determining your decisions are your lifestyle/career, how much time you can devote to your hair each day, and the products and tools you want to use. I think a great length for almost everyone is shoulder-length hair, and it keeps people guessing at your age! As we get older our hair thins, but adding highlights for dimension will make it appear thicker as will long layers.  
5. Stay current.
Fashion changes twice a year so choose a trend that you love and incorporate it into your style. When it comes to your wardrobe, it's important to make sure your clothes are tailored and fit you. More bulk and heavier fabrics make you look bigger. When in doubt, always go the more classic, timeless route and add great accessories. 
The Biggest secret of all to looking youthful is staying healthy! Pay attention to your weight, what you're eating, and add exercise into your daily routine. There's a big difference in getting older and beingold. Have fun, smile, enjoy your life, and you will soon discover the secret to ageless beauty! 

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