Monday, July 30, 2012

Shopping is a Team Sport - My Favorite Online Sites!

The summer Olympics offer some great entertainment, but it's hard when my iPad is sitting next to me not to be lured into my personal favorite event, online shopping, while I'm watching "you know who" in the pool!

Maybe "fab abs" along with "power shopping" should be added to the rosters! One thing's for sure, I've been impressing the UPS guy with my stats and my hubby would tell you I'm well on my way toward winning the World Title in this arena ... although I do know a few girls who could give me quite a bit of healthy competition! Today I share with you my winning online sites and a few current obsessions so that you can bring home the Gold everyday too!

Madewell diamond shirt $45


LOFT graphic prints

ASOS wedges $66

ZARA orange/red combo

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