Monday, October 15, 2012

Look Good in Photos - Smile Tips and More

Something to Smile About

First, a few tips on how to smile. Never have your teeth actually touching each other, even when your mouth is closed because it will make your neck muscles tense in an unflattering way.

Also, don’t force a smile by showing all your teeth in a joker grin.  We know you have beautiful teeth but why would anyone want to see your molars?

Another way to achieve a genuine, natural looking smile is by lifting your tongue up behind your front teeth. This also results in lowering your chin slightly and helping to relax your face.

Always try to give a genuine smile. Models know that real smiles are produced with the eyes. Top model Tyra Banks even invented a word for it “smizing.” When you genuinely smile it causes natural wrinkles around your eyes, regardless of age.

The eyes are the first thing to capture someone’s attention in a photo so when you’re taking your picture look into the lens of the camera. Anyone viewing the photo will feel like you are looking directly at them—making you look more open, interesting and real.

If you wear glasses make sure the photographer can see your eyes and that the top of the frame is not cutting into the eyes. To prevent a camera flash from reflecting shine or glare, tilt your glasses up or down so that the light is not rebounding off the lens. Glare can also occur when you’re photographing next to a mirror, TV, or window. Angle yourself so that the camera is not shooting directly into the reflective surface.

To avoid the double chin look, never pull back when someone is about to take your picture. No matter how skinny you are you will have double or even triple chins.  Fix it by thinking swan ballerina, Natalie Portman.  Chin up and out and then bring the chin down ever so slightly.

Also, avoid short cameramen. If the lens is below your eye level you’ll gain an extra chin. The lens should be either at eye level or slightly above.

Generally, natural looking hair is the best way to go. Keep it off your features so it’s not creating shadows on your face. If your hair is a solid color, add highlights for dimension and to prevent looking like you have a helmet on your head. Frizzy hair tends to be dryer so to tame it, moisturize your hands with lotion and quickly run them through your hair. If you notice your hair is sticking up in places, lightly rub a dryer sheet over it to eliminate static. It’s the only tip I know that works to get rid of the problem.

I hope you found these tips help you to look your best in your next photo!

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