Monday, March 18, 2013

Red Carpet Hair - NEW Brazilian Blowout VOLUME line

Side-parted, retro waves were one of the prettiest hair trends we saw on the red carpet. It was an old Hollywood glamour look that you should expect to see alot more of! 

The trick is getting your hair to look sleek and smooth, but still have tons of volume like Megan Fox and Reese Witherspoon.

Brazilian Blowout is a company known for taming the frizzies and it has just launched a whole new line of Volume products that also work on fine, straight hair too to help you get those Veronica Lake waves!

Their Body Boost Powder is the perfect product to help you create this look. You just sprinkle the little snowflakes in dry hair and it helps lift the hair by creating a little distance between each strand. Sometimes when we start with super clean and soft hair, holding a curl is nearly impossible; but this Boost Powder texturizes it just enough allowing it to hold the curl. Most of the time when I am booked as a model for a job the client requests that I arrive with "clean hair and face" but there are times when I have been asked to arrive with "dirty" hair ... that usually means an up-do; for better holding curls and fullness.

Watch the Red Carpet -Celebrity Beauty Secrets video where I featured Brazilian Blowout's Boost on Phoenix's Arizona Midday here:

You can use this Body Powder Boost as a dry shampoo too, but I like it everyday for volume, and use it more like a styling product. I highly recommend this whole line, my hair has never looked fuller!

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  1. Reese Witherspoon looks confused in that picture lol. But I love that hairstyle and it really makes me wish my hair wasn't so stupid and thin. I need to try something.


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