Saturday, July 27, 2013

On Trend. Colorful Trainers - Workout Wear Sneakers!

I live in Arizona and most people think that this time of year is the pits here, but we have beautiful evenings cooled off with periodic monsoons ... rain that pours for about 20 minutes. This snap is from a sunset walk with my daughter and notice we are both sporting a bright fuchsia sneaker. 

Personally I love and own a few bright trainers  but these shocking pink ones are my fave! Neon footwear ... a trend that continues to grow in popularity now fully spilling into the casual. A perfect summer accessory to add that little pop of color that makes summer, well summer. Even if you are a dedicated all black workout queen, you can add some harmless brightness just to your feet. Plus, if you love a certain color, but it doesn't exactly flatter your face it's a perfect fit.

You see models donning this trend on the streets too, especially popular for girl's whose job usually requires walking around in a totally different type of bright shoe!


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