Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Top Instagram-worthy Swim Styles for 2017 #mostlikes #swimweargoals

Swimsuit season is here now for warm weather winter getaways, and summer just around the corner – really!  While most blogs will tell you how to shop for your body type, a lot of us just want to know what suits are the key styles for this year, to guarantee that you will look amazing and right on trend to show off how much you have been working out, or maybe to cover up what could stand a little more working out.   So here it is, the Face This Swimwear Guide for 2017 with the top swimsuit styles of the year that flatter, reveal, or conceal, and are guaranteed to give you style points on Instagram: 

The black one-piece suit:  look for styling details like cutouts, laser cut scalloped edges, and ruching, for a classic look where the only fuss is in the details. 

Cutouts:  a well-placed cutout can flatter a silhouette like no other swimsuit can, as it reveals almost as much as it conceals while the eye travels, following the lines along your curves. 

Floral bikinis: for a luxe boho look that is high on the feminine side while steering clear of last year’s hippie styles.

Strappy-backed one-pieces:  the back is back, and this year’s best one pieces have thin straps anchoring solid colored suits without any other distracting details.

White suits are the right suits: nothing innocent about this trend - look for suits with details such as ties, scallops, and bronze embellishments for a chic, sophisticated look that says high-maintenance. 

Get graphic: nothing stands out in an instagram pic like a jolt of colorful, graphic design.  Look for suits where the graphic patterns and prints are complimented by the cut of the suit.

Strappy bikini tops: look for styles with new and original strap details that elevate the standard bikini top drawing the eye to the shoulders, back, and collarbones. 

The black bikini:  the best black bikinis are simple but bold in their cut and shape and have a design quality to them for maximum visual impact.

                                                              XOXO  Shelley

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