Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Best New Face Masks for Treating Winter Skin

If you are anything like me, harsh winter weather is probably taking its toll on your skin.  Forced heat, wind, dry conditions, and a lack of vitamin D all contribute to a dull, dried-out, over-sensitive complexion.  I love face masks so much that I could easily use one every evening, which might be a bit excessive, but I love how indulgent it feels to pamper myself and to actually watch my skin bounce back, dewy and glowing and plump.  

Over the past few winters I used sheet masks, clay masks, and refining masks, all on rotation and each one addressing a different skin concern.  This years favorites are a bit more tactile and futuristic feeling with gel patches and rubber masks that are fun and easy to apply, a snap to remove, and are loaded with skin nourishing benefits.  

Smaller patches are especially interesting as you can choose different formulas for different parts of your face for spot-treatments.   Need to de-puff your eyes, refine your brow line, tackle breakouts on your nose and chin?  You can treat them all at the same time without using three different sheet masks - love that! 

The new high-tech rubber masks and foil masks make you feel like you are having a high end spa treatment with an esthetician, albeit minus the lovely salon ambiance and pampering, but nothing beats a face mask in your bathrobe while binge-watching Netflix.  Here are some of my new favorites lining my vanity and quickly becoming a daily part of my evening ritual:

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                                                             XOXO Shelley    

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