Sunday, December 23, 2018

Winter Escape - Warm-Weather Vacation Mode

The holidays are finally here and I’m loving every single second of it, from the decorations, to family time, to holiday parties, catching up with friends, and of course, vacation days.  But all of this celebrating can leaves us feeling more than a little stressed out and a lot less festive.  Sometimes a girl just has to get away! So of a warm-weather vacation is in the cards, get packing! Or start dreaming about that mid-winter get-away to help you though the cold months ahead. Be inspired by the new collections to plan your vacation wardrobe.

The new Resort and Spring 2019 collections will soon hit the stores, and next year’s trends are ultra feminine, featuring lots of white, statement jewelry, loose and flowing dresses, and seventies glam style swimwear.  Look for ruffled white blouses, eyelet, and white wide-leg jeans.  Boho maxis have been a staple for years now, and the new dresses are more luxurious, silky, and flowing, in deeper tones.  Look for deep oranges, gem tones, and sophisticated florals.  Swimsuits are glamorous in 2019, with seventies details like halter necks, ties, and high cut legs.  

It has been quite a year! Thank you for all your views of Face This: A Model’s Secrets! I wish you all very happy holidays and an amazing new year! 
                                                         XOXO Shelley

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