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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Models Over 40 Then and Now - More Magazine Beauty Search!

Left to Right: Stephanie, Linda, Claudia, and Christy
 These supermodels are all grown up, but their beauty is timeless! Scroll down to see what they look like today for proof.

Although difficult to become a model at any age More Magazine can give you a lucky break .... but only if you're over 30! 

You have until April 17th to upload a photo for More's 5th annual Beauty Search and tell your story to win a trip to NYC and photo shoot for a spread in the magazine along with cash plus other prizes.  My friends and I used to say we never knew anyone who actually ever won a contests like this, but in 2010 it was me! More Magazine's first GRAND PRIZE Beauty Search Winner.

Click {HERE} to enter this year's contest, and it could be YOU!

When I was modeling in the 80's, it was the super-model era and the competition was fierce. Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington ... but today, there is no longer a glut of gorgeous models in my age range, in fact the older I get the less competitive it becomes. Plus it is unlikely that the baby boomers, now ages 50-70 are willing to be sold by a 20 something year old advertising a face cream. I hadn't thought of getting back into the industry until after I won this contest. The truth is, "I feel more in demand now than I ever did in my twenties." 

 If 40 is the new 20, then 50 shall be the new 50 - at least it will be this September when I celebrate mine, because I look better than ever and it shows! Check out some other models who look better than ever ... over 40.

Christie Brinkley age 60

Cindy Crawford age 48

Elle Macpherson age 50

Claudia Schiffer age 44

 Naomi Campbell age 44

Lauren Hutton age 70

Stephanie Seymour age 45

Heidi Klum age 40