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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Festival Beauty Guide: The Top Beauty Looks for Festival Season 2017

Festival season is the perfect time to try any and all new makeup and hair looks you have been dreaming up, and while in some cases less is more, this isn’t one of them! This is the perfect time to try out the ultra-bright stripy hair color, the facial embellishments, the headpieces, and even the henna tattoos just about anywhere on your face or body, and you will fit right in.  That being said, if your own personal esthetic is more boho glam goddess than rainbow unicorn love child, then there’s a tribe for you too.  Co-ordinated squad beauty is the ultimate statement, so having a little creativity and originality will score a lot of likes.

This year’s floral facial embellishments rule over metallic warrior princess temporary tattoos. Start with pastels and pale shimmers to set off this ultra-girly look, and add small silk petals and flowers applied using tweezers and eyelash adhesive.  Try soft, thin braids to frame your face for a doll-like finish.

Natural girls can amp up a glowing complexion with tiny metallic stars placed in the inner and outer corners of the eyes for a fun but easy look.  Use texturizer on your hair for a tousled look that says I came to party.

Headpieces of every sort are just about obligatory at festivals and can amp up a look in one simple step.  Have your own princess moment and fit right in.  If you wear a crown, keep the rest of your beauty look sexy and fresh. 

Space buns are the number one festival hair look and are open for interpretation so if you want grey-blonde hair with fuschia buns, now is your chance.  You can have as many buns as you want and place them horizontally or vertically on your head, and keep them a bit messy for just the right amount of cool.  We found this great how-to video on @maneaddicts by celeb hairstylist Scott King of @scottkinghair using @hiddencrownhair extensions. Easy!

                                                            XOXO  Shelley

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Festival Fashion – Best Looks for Festival Season 2017

Festival season is here and whatever your taste in music is, there is an international festival for you. Coachella, Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, Burning Man, Governor’s Ball, and Stagecoach headline the biggest music stars and attract celebrities, music lovers, and bloggers alike.  Style counts so you can’t expect to just throw on anything that is comfortable and call it a day.  Yes, the point is to listen to great music and have fun, but make no mistake that how you dress establishes your tribe and your cool factor.  Bloggers plan for months ahead of festive season to have exclusive looks that they typically change three times per day, to be style setters rather than followers.  So making an effort to look edgy/hippie/boho is totally worth it to get the full festival experience.

Consider the climate at the festival you plan to go to, and think about what sort of conditions you will have to deal with when planning your looks.  Coachella is usually warm and sunny, while Glastonbury can be muddy, rainy and chilly.  You can’t enjoy yourself if all you can think about is how over or under-dressed you are, or whether you are wearing the right footwear for standing and dancing all day and night.  Being uncomfortably miserable is not cool.  

Here is the Face This hit list to planning your best 2017 festival looks:

Look for florals, fringes, whites, denim cut-offs, gladiator sandals, flowing maxi dresses, lingerie looks with shorts, statement pieces like embroidered jackets, vests or pants, kimono tops, army khaki fatigue jackets with badges and pins, transparent pieces that show off skin, midriff-baring crop tops, and booties that you can dance in.  Accessorize with hats, ethnic jewelry pieces, feathers, and carry a bag that let’s you be hands-free for dancing, such as a mini-knapsack, cross body, or bum bag – believe me there are cool ones out there if you shop around.  

The best looks are original and detail-oriented making them fashion-forward and amp up the cool factor.  Check out these babes on Instagram for festival fashion inspo and get your style groove on:

Stay tuned for the Face This Festival Beauty Guide for the best makeup and hair coming up! #festivalstylegoals

 XOXO Shelley

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