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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Models Over 40 Then and Now - More Magazine Beauty Search!

Left to Right: Stephanie, Linda, Claudia, and Christy
 These supermodels are all grown up, but their beauty is timeless! Scroll down to see what they look like today for proof.

Although difficult to become a model at any age More Magazine can give you a lucky break .... but only if you're over 30! 

You have until April 17th to upload a photo for More's 5th annual Beauty Search and tell your story to win a trip to NYC and photo shoot for a spread in the magazine along with cash plus other prizes.  My friends and I used to say we never knew anyone who actually ever won a contests like this, but in 2010 it was me! More Magazine's first GRAND PRIZE Beauty Search Winner.

Click {HERE} to enter this year's contest, and it could be YOU!

When I was modeling in the 80's, it was the super-model era and the competition was fierce. Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington ... but today, there is no longer a glut of gorgeous models in my age range, in fact the older I get the less competitive it becomes. Plus it is unlikely that the baby boomers, now ages 50-70 are willing to be sold by a 20 something year old advertising a face cream. I hadn't thought of getting back into the industry until after I won this contest. The truth is, "I feel more in demand now than I ever did in my twenties." 

 If 40 is the new 20, then 50 shall be the new 50 - at least it will be this September when I celebrate mine, because I look better than ever and it shows! Check out some other models who look better than ever ... over 40.

Christie Brinkley age 60

Cindy Crawford age 48

Elle Macpherson age 50

Claudia Schiffer age 44

 Naomi Campbell age 44

Lauren Hutton age 70

Stephanie Seymour age 45

Heidi Klum age 40

Sunday, March 30, 2014

How to be a model: It should cost you NOTHING! FREE tips

I have been represented by some of the top modeling agencies in Miami, Chicago, and currently work with the prestigious Ford Agency and internationally with Silver Agency in Paris, and one thing I know for sure is that it should cost you NOTHING to break into the modeling business or to sign with an agency. Truly the only thing you need is a digital picture in great light, which is FREE assuming you at least know anyone with a smart phone.

The reason no-one will tell you this is because this is how people make money. Modeling conventions, modeling schools, workshops, conventions .... Don't get me wrong advice about what to do and how to look your best is all good, but the truth be told -most girls that get signed with an agency that have been "schooled" are told to forget about almost everything they learned.

Getting agency representation is the first step to becoming a model and any agency will tell you that they do not require their new models to show up with a professional portfolio on day one. In fact, if they sign you, most agencies will want you to work with a few particular photographers and groom your look to a specific market. Many girls I know spend a small fortune on sub-par photographs that the agency immediately takes out of their books. It is better to have 3 great, strong photos than 20 so-so photographs. One thing I have learned over the years is that a client will remember you by your best and your worst photo. You never want to let them see anything less than great! A first impression in this business is a lasting one.

Study the agency or company website you want to be represented by and find out what it is they require and give them exactly what they are asking for. This is not the time to try to be clever. Again, give them EXACTLY what they are asking for. 

Many agencies may also have an open call day or some may have online submission. Below is Ford Model's submission guidelines and you will notice that they specifically ask you NOT to submit professional photos, NOT to wear makeup and NOT to pose.

Agencies are looking for that "IT" factor. Yes you must be 5'9", you must be thin - but just as important is your personality, energy and spirit - they are looking for diversity, not a cookie cutter mold of measurements.

The most critical warning I can share with you is that you must prepare yourself for rejection. As a wanna be model, or working model, this goes with the job. I have not gotten jobs because I am both too tall or too short, because I have blue eyes or simply because they really wanted a blonde. Once I was booked for a job with a very dark black girl and the art director was upset that I looked so "fair" next to her and proceeded to direct the makeup artist to make me appear darker. We were already on location and the makeup artist only had some brown eye shadow with her so she proceeded to try to paint it on my face. It was humiliating. Rejection is a never ending part of the model experience so you must expect it and prepare to learn how to handle it. If one agency turns you down, try another. And never sign with an agency that wants to charge you money for classes or photos first.

There are many examples of famous models who were initially turned down for representation. Tyra Banks was rejected by many Los Angeles agencies before landing at Elite. Gisele Bundchen has reported that she was turned down by 42 agents before she was 17. Both of these women have appeared on countless magazine covers and runways around the world, earning them SUPER-model status.

People of all races, ages and backgrounds can become a model. Some make alot of money and others do it to have fun, but one thing is for sure - it shouldn't cost you a penny to try!! Check in with me here at A Model's Secrets for more advice on how to become a model and tips I have learned behind the scenes. Check out my post about How to MOVE like a model for a photo {HERE}