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Friday, July 8, 2016

Eat To Be Beautiful - Model Beauty Diet!

A model’s healthy skin, hair and nails are their stock in trade.  They have to take care of themselves to be at the top of their game just like an athlete, and to have the health and stamina to go the course in such a rigorously demanding industry.  Beauty really does begin on the inside and whatever you consumer really does appear on your face … and hips! 

It’s so important to remember that taking care of yourself is essential and that you can’t succeed if your face, hair and body show signs of too many late nights, too much junk food, too much alcohol, and not enough nutrition and proper exercise. Going to any extreme such as fasting and doing liquid diets will not keep you healthy enough to sustain yourself.  It will show and it’s not beautiful!

Maintaining healthy, balanced eating habits and exercising are the recipe for beauty and health.  Exercising, results in increased blood flow, which makes skin glow, and gives you energy.  I am going to share fitness tips of top models in an upcoming post, so stay tuned!

The number one thing your body needs is H2O – water!  Keeps you well-hydrated, revs up a dull complexion, and keeps you going!

Here are some super foods that are packed with the nutrients you need for a healthy complexion, shiny hair and a lean body:

  • Biotin for healthy skin, and strong hair and nails:  bananas, beans, lentils, salmon, and eggs.

  • Omega 3 fatty acids for shiny hair:  eggs, soybeans, chicken, seafood, and nuts.

  • Vitamins A and C are antioxidants and have skin-firming properties:  citrus fruit, kiwi, apricots, carrots, mangoes, spinach, and sweet potatoes.  

  • Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces inflammation:  sunflower seeds, almonds, wheat germ, avocadoes, and dark leafy greens such as spinach, kale, and arugula.

  • Zinc affects the immune system and hair strength:  cashews, soybeans and green beans,

  • Protein: keeps your body fueled and toned:  lean beef (gives your iron as well), lean chicken, eggs, low-fat dairy. 

  • Olive oil and green tea increase blood flow and oxygen to the skin – essential for glowing skin.

  • Quinoa – this is an easy to prepare protein filled with amino acids, iron, zinc, potassium and calcium. 

Foods with a high glycemic index such as bread, pancakes, bagels, many processed cereals, pies, cookies, pastries, muffins, candy, etc., add to any puffiness you might have, and makes you look less contoured.  Moderation is key. 

So think about maintaining good nutrition and try to add nourishing foods and drinks into your eating habits, get enough sleep, exercise, and be the picture of health.  You will look more beautiful, and have more energy – which is crucial for a successful modeling career.  

A model with healthy hair, glowing skin, stamina, and a toned body will always succeed over a model who does not take care of herself.  It’s her business to be her best!

Photos by Allana Wesley White Photography Allana Wesley White (@allanawesleywhitephotography) • Instagram photos and videos for Starbene Magazine Italy

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Starving is NOT Sexy

Starving yourself - purposely not eating to lose weight, will actually slow down your metabolism causing your body to go into self-preservation mode. 

You may experience a short-term weight loss but your body will fight back by making you feel hungrier and begin to store fat, slowing down your metabolism. Eventually your body will break down muscle protein for energy.

What else is not sexy about not eating?

  • Loss of Hair. Malnutrition causes your hair to thin and fall out.

  • Brittle Nails. Your nails can begin to break and become brittle.

  • Bloating. Gastro motility slows and it takes longer for the gastric system to empty causing constipation.

  • Infertility. Your period can become irregular or may stop completely due to hormonal abnormalities.

  • Bone Loss. You may experience bone damage and osteoporosis even after a few months since the nutrients your body needs to regenerate are not present.

  • Depression. Due to a lack of iron from not eating, you may become anemic causing you to feel weak, tired, irritable and in some cases clinically depressed.

  • Heart disease. You can damage your heart. In some cases, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can cause heart arrhythmias and death.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dream Diet - Lose Weight While You Sleep (For Real)

While making New Year resolutions, most of us will include losing weight, but here's why counting sheep may be the answer.  Exercise and eating may not be contributing to the battle of the bulge as much as your sleep habits are ... Plus we all know you can't eat when your sleeping.

Lots of models use crazy blood type, liquid and all sorts of fad diets to slim down, but some just make sleep a priority! Heidi Klum told People Magazine that she clocks 10 hours a night, pretty much going to sleep when the children do. And actress Penelope Cruz claims that she sleeps 12 hours a day to help maintain her flawless figure.

Many models I know get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, choose healthy low calorie foods, and do some sort of exercise every day. Two other things I notice about my model friends is that they often eat the very same thing for breakfast - Every. Single. Day. This eliminates the choices and chances of making unhealthy decisions. After not waking up from a good 8-10 hours of sleep your body is programmed to eat whatever it finds first so making it a no-brainer is a good idea! Finally, the kitchen closes after dinner. No mindless snacking out of boredom or temptation! 


Science has shown that sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on hormones that control appetite, cravings and the metabolism of fat. New research in the Annals of Internal Medicine, showed that overweight adults lost 55% less fat when they got 5.5 hours of sleep per night, compared with when they slept for 8.5 hours a night. In 2011, Australian researchers found that teens and adolescents were more likely to be slimmer if they went to bed earlier than those who stayed up late. Many of us think that if we are staying up late and working hard we are burning more calories, but a study from the Mayo Clinic confirmed this was not true and that sleep-deprived participants consumed an average of 549 calories more than their usual intake when staying up late, but burned no more calories than their well-rested peers.

Sleepless nights will also cause the levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, to rise which increases cravings for high-carb, high calorie "comfort foods." And during deep-sleep the brain secretes a growth hormone which helps the body convert fat to fuel. Without enough deep sleep, fat accumulates, especially around the belly.

There are also 2 hormones, ghrelin and leptin, that help to control appetite that can become imbalanced with lack of sleep. Ghrelin, stimulates your appetite whereas Leptin sends a signal to the brain that you are full. When you don't get enough rest, levels of leptin drop, making you hungry, while ghrelin levels rise to stimulate your appetite. No wonder after you don't sleep well you don't feel full or satisfied all day! Prolonged sleep deprivation sets you up to overeat and therefore gain weight. The average American gets 6 hours of sleep or less so if you're in this group it's time to get some more Zzzzzzs! And here's how.

Find the time! That's why you made weight loss a priority for the year on your Resolution List! Go to bed an hour earlier and sleep in an hour later. Remember the quality of your sleep counts too so here are some Sleep Hygiene Tips to incorporate:

  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine, sugar and alcohol.
  • No late night eating.
  • Log out  - no television or computer before bed. The images stimulate the brain and make it harder to fall asleep.
  • Eliminate all light and noise.
  • Use your bedroom for sleep and sex only.
  • Keep a regular bedtime.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing to sleep in.
  • Turn the temperature down, slightly cooler.
  • Make a relaxing routine - warm bath, meditation, deep-breathing exercises.

For the brainiac girls that want to understand this concept mathematically, determine your basal metabolic rate with this BMR CALCULATOR - the number of calories your body burns doing nothing, at rest and while you sleep. An average woman's body burns about 1500 calories a day doing nothing, roughly 62 an hour. Sleeping 2 more hours equals 124 calories, about the same as a half hour brisk walk. Plus you wake up without bags under your eyes and avoid eating while you sleep! SCORE!

The findings show that if you are on a diet and workout plan, having enough ZZZzzzz's is important! Not only will more sleep help you lose weight, it repairs muscles, skin and boosts immunity! To find out more tips to what models do to look their best in front of the camera download my new book for only $7.99 on Kindle, Nook or iTunes. Paperback also available on, Face This: Real advice from real models, photographers and makeup artist on how to become Picture Perfect!  

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Real Model's Diet - the Inside Skinny!

The Supermodel Diet … 
It’s not all about cutting carbs, starving or cabbage soup.

Many people ask me how models stay skinny? Convinced of some supermodel secret to dieting, everyone wants the short cut. Truth is, there is none. Some women, believe it or not, really don’t have to obsess over their weight. However, I have noticed some commonalities to the way my model friends eat that I want to share with you because models aren’t the only ones who like to look thin. 

Adhere to a Routine. Models tend to eat the same thing every day for breakfast. One of my best skinny model friends has a bowl of hot oatmeal, raisins and skim milk … EVERY SINGLE MORNING! This makes choosing what to eat a no-brainer and takes the variable of adding in extra calories out of the equation.

Brown bag your lunch. If you are grabbing something on the go, when ordering out do it the model way:
  • Linda Evangelista has been quoted saying, “ I don’t diet. I just don’t eat as much as I’d like to.”  Order an appetizer as your entrĂ©e. Portion control is KEY and this method does it for you. If you’re with a friend order 2 apps and split them for variety.

  • Skip the sauces and choose tomato or oil and vinegar in place of mayo, cream or butter sauces. Better yet, order all topping on the side and use sparingly.

  • Use spices! According to a Forbes article, models that make the most money often eat fibrous foods with spices to speed up their metabolism. So reach for the red pepper flakes and hot sauce girls!

  • What keeps me skinny is that I only eat food I really like. If something is on my plate that is just so-so, I leave it. It's important to be mindful of what you're eating and why.
Eat Green and Only White if it's protien . This is an easy trick we can all use. When you are making choices remember to load up on green leafy vegetables and keep away from any white processed carbs (bread, pasta, cookies, rice) Eating white only for protein  - egg whites, chicken, turkey, pork or fish.

Get Moving. Most models don’t aspire to have that hardcore, muscle-bound bodybuilder figure, but when interviewed you will hear ALL of them talk about doing some sort of regular exercise like yoga, pilates, or jogging ... several days a week – No Excuses!

Snack. At runway shows, it is common practice for the producers to bring in food platters. What is interesting is that the fruit and veggies trays are always empty, while the sandwich plates and chip bowls remain full. Models know that it’s important to snack on healthy low calorie foods. They are careful to never arrive anywhere feeling ravenous. I always carry a granola bar or nuts in my model tote when I show up for a job. Eating a banana and drinking a bottle of water before dinner will  help you eat less and pass on the bread basket or seconds because you already feel full. By the way, models are always drinking water and staying well hydrated!

Supplement. The Aussie supermodel, Elle Macpherson is reportedly a fan of dietary fish oil and makes foods like makerel and salmon, which coincidentally are good for glowing skin, a beauty staple. Emergen C and vitamins are also on a model’s list.

Work a Party. VIP invitations are always coming to models via their agency, promoters and social networks. Many believe that most models exist strictly on cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol, but lots of supermodels, like Heidi Klum, avoid alcohol. Most people realize that alcohol is filled with empty calories so drink sparkling water from a wine glass or a Diet Coke in between your cocktails. Also, carry a purse so you can’t snack as easily with your hands free.

Contrary to popular belief, not all supermodels have an eating disorder or believe in dieting, but they are motivated to keep a disciplined routine when it comes to eating. The secret comes from finding the sweet spot … a happy weight and an achievable way to maintain it.

Once you have the diet down pat, check out my other post on how to Make your Legs Look Longer or The Dream Diet: How to Lose Weight While you Sleep

To learn more model's secrets to looking your best and taking your best photos check out my new book Face This: Real advice from real models, photographers and makeup artists on how to become Picture Perfect! Available for just $7.99 on Kindle, Nook and iTunes. Also as paperback from