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Sunday, October 28, 2018

My Top Party Season "WOW FACTOR" Beauty Picks

Makeup is front and center at this time of year and I am eagerly anticipating playing with new products and looks for the upcoming holiday and party season.  My general philosophy for going out at the holidays is to go big or stay home!  While some days are a little more rushed than others as I go from parenting, to business, to parties, I still want to up the glam factor and arrive looking like I am there to celebrate and have a good time.  And really, with a little help from amazing products it doesn’t have to take that much time to go from business as usual to social butterfly. 

This year’s crop of new beauty treats is filled with products that glimmer, highlight without sparkle, plump, create drama, shape, and glow, all without making me look like an extra from Elsa.  Bonus - many of these products can be used throughout the winter without going overboard into snow princess territory.  Application and restraint is everything.

I start with a base that gives good coverage without looking like I am wearing a heavy foundation.  I want my skin to look amazing without an overdone, caked-on look.  I use a highlighter palette and blush together to give my complexion a healthy glow with a bit of definition.  I love to play up my eyes with long lashes, dramatic metallics, and shaped brows.  This usually means a more natural lip color with a bit of glimmer since a strong lip would be overkill - it’s the holidays, not Halloween.  I finish up with a luxurious dusting of sheer highlighter pressed powder on the highest part of my cheekbones, my shoulders, and collarbones, and voila: party time! 

Here are my top picks that will get me in full celebration mode this season.  Let the parties begin!

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                                                                  XOXO Shelley

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