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Friday, February 10, 2017

Rose Ceremony - Ultra-Feminine Beauty

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to get a head start on spring beauty and fashion which offers up gorgeous, fresh, sexy alternatives to the expected red lips, stilettos and body-con dresses, so get a jump on warmer days ahead with glowing beauty and flowing, sensual style.

This year’s best feminine fashion conjures up adjectives like floating, draping, dreamy, and soft.  Erogenous zones become shoulders, backs, wrists, knees, and necks, with fashion that skims over the body without a hint of cling. 

One of this year's most pretty beauty trends is rose toned makeup that warms the complexion and adds a youthful glow to skin as if spring had already arrived.  If you are pale skinned, look for colors that have blue undertones and products that are not overly pigmented which would overwhelm. Olive skin suits a slightly deeper rose palette that has warm undertones but doesn’t look too peach.  Darker skin looks amazing with a highly pigmented bright pink palette that pops, or plum tones that give a soft glow. 

Roses aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, and ultra-feminine style doesn’t have to be saccharine-sweet in order to be sultry and sensual.  Don’t forget to take pictures – you won’t regret this fashion statement later.  Happy Valentine’s Day Gorgeous!

                                                            XOXO  Shelley

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