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Saturday, April 20, 2019

Best Self-Tanners and Tips For a Sun-kissed Glow

We all know that the best tan is a safe tan, and that means a sunless tan.  Streaks, stinky products, and stains on everything from clothes to sheets can be avoided if you choose the right self-tanners and use them properly.  The new formulas come in mousse, oils, sprays, gels, and creams, and give a believable glow that suggests you spent spring break under the sun somewhere warm.  So no matter your comfort level there is a product for you.  Many of the new products don’t have the distinctive smell of older self-tanners, which for many was a major turnoff.  DHA (dihydroxyacetone) derived from glycerin increases the melanoidins in skin turning them a brown tone, hence a tanned look, and is responsible for the unpleasant smell associated with these products. The new formulations have ingredients to actually block the nose from detecting the odor, while others mask it with pleasant smelling scents.  If you have been hesitant to really embrace a faux-glow I’ve got the tips to achieving a gorgeous tan for face and body that will have everyone wondering where you spent your holiday weekend:


Start with a clean, bare face, using a formula specifically designed for the face.  Begin by applying the product to the parts of the face that the sun hits: the forehead, along the top of the nose, the tip of the chin, and the apples of your cheeks.  Use sparingly over the top lip to avoid creating a shadowed area that will look like a mustache.  Blend with your fingertips or blender sponge upwards and outwards towards the edge of the face.  Extra tip: if you have blonde or grey hair, apply a bit of moisturizer with the self-tanner along the hairline to avoid staining the hair.  Moisturize and use sunscreen twenty minutes after application and before makeup. Use a glow product along the highlights of your face to enhance the tan: along the bridge of the nose, top of the cheekbones, chin, and brow bones right above the brows.  


Exfoliate the day before self tanning to prep the skin.  Don’t wax within 24 hours to allow the follicles to relax.  Moisturize ankles, knees and elbows well for a few days prior to applying self tanner if they are rough as smooth skin absorbs product more evenly.  Use a mitt for even product distribution and to prevent streaks and hand stains. Sprays are a great way to reach areas like the back and behind the knees.  Extra tip:  start at the ankles and feet and work upwards to avoid creasing your skin during the application process, and leave your arms until last. 

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Self-tanning basics:

Exfoliate gently the day before self-tanning so the skin is not rough or raw, allowing for a smoother application.

Allow the self-tanner to completely dry before getting dressed or jumping into bed.

Moisturize well to maintain skin condition to extend the length of the tan.

Wash your hands thoroughly after applying self tanning products so it doesn’t settle into your cuticles or palms.  

Self tanners do NOT offer any sun protection so always apply an SPF over it.

Self-tanning is much less intimidating than it used to be, and the new products mean we don’t need to be a beauty pro to achieve an amazing bonzed goddess look, so glow on! 

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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