Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pack and Travel in Style the Way Models Do!

Models are constantly jet setting around the world, I myself have been in 3 cities coast to coast for photoshoots in the last 2 weeks, packing and unpacking. Here are some tools of the trade for packing and traveling in style so you can finally throw away that velour jogging suit.

1. Pick a color scheme. A model's is usually neutrals - black, white, beige. Add your pop of color with a bright bag or some other fun accessory like a statement necklace.

2. Edit. After you are done packing pull a few things out. You never wear all of it and usually purchase a couple things while you're there. If you feel you have to add after that, make it a rule that it has to go in your carry on so that you keep it light.

3. Wear the essentials. To make it easier on yourself make it a uniform for your travel day. Comfort is key, but you'd never catch a model headed to the airport in her PJ's, no matter how early check in is. Choose wrinkle free fabrics and instead of a tracksuit think jeggings, skinny jeans with a long untucked blouse over top or a long maxi skirt layered with a t-shirt/sweater. Because I hate being cold, I wear heavier items that I won't have to pack but will want with me just in case of weather. Dark jeans with a bit of stretch or leggings, layers on top - tshirt and cashmere sweater, leather jacket and boots in the winter/open toe shoes in the summer. I usually add in a scarf for color and it doubles as a blanket on the plane.

5. Sarong. I always throw one of these in my suitcase with a swimsuit. Hot tubs or beach I am always prepared! A sarong is a great piece that can take you in the elevator to the pool, a cover up at lunch, and over your halter top for dinner if it get's a little chilly.

6. Minimize your accessories. I never travel with expensive jewelry. Not only do I have to worry about where I leave it or lock it in the hotel safe, it wreaks havoc at security. Plus I always pick up some local touristy little treasures when I'm there. 

7. Don't forget a big pair of sunglasses to throw on when you arrive. No matter how tired you are no one will know, you will just look effortlessly chic!

8. Huge Plastic Ziplocs. Seasoned traveler and model Cheryl Tiegs says she uses these to roll up clothing and then pushes out all the air for efficient packing. I like them for cosmetics that might leak in which case I "double bag" and so that I can easily see where everything is. To learn more tips from real models about traveling click here to read some quotes from the pros.

Great video to watch from fellow Ford model, Delphine, with tips on how to look glam while traveling!

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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Look 10 Years Younger in Makeup!

It's inevitable, 
we are all getting older and it shows on our skin. The older you get the more you have to cover up. Makeup can often draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles but you can defy nature and erase 10 years by making a few switches in how you're using it. And who isn't interested in looking younger?

1. Let your skin show through.
Less is more when it comes to makeup. Using too much foundation and powder accentuates fine lines and is a one-way ticket to looking older than you are. If your skin is pretty even, you may want to ditch your foundation and just use a light concealer on areas that are pigmented to even out your skin tone. Try a tinted moisturizer or the new BB Creams, which are great all-in-one time savers! If you're using a foundation, keep it light and start with a primer, a silicone based under-makeup, makeup that sort of glosses the skin to keep product from settling into any wrinkles or fine lines. Skip powder foundation because anything dry will make your skin look crepey, you want to think dewy and luminizing! The more hydrated your skin the younger your skin will look.No matter what your age this is the place to show some skin and let it glow through your makeup! 
2. Get cheeky. 
Blush can help create that flushed innocence often referred to as a “youthful glow". As we age the fat in our cheek pads fall, so use blush on the high points of your cheeks to draw the eye upward, being carelful not to apply color too low or far in. 

3. Lighten up your lips.
Dark lipstick can seep into or draw attention to those fine lines around your lips that sometimes are referred to as "bar codes" as you age. It's best to trace around your natural lip line with a lip pencil that matches the color of your lips and then gloss or use a light shimmery pink color. Stay away from peachy orange shades, which can make your teeth appear yellow. Lips get smaller, especially the upper lip as we age so steer clear of matte or traditional lipsticks that can dry out lips. Instead choose lighter, sheer, hydrating, glossier lipsticks to look younger instantly. Many higher-end brands like Dior and Chanel carry these in their line. They cost a little more but are totally worth the splurge. 
4. Add a little shimmer.
To bring light to the face use shimmery neutral eye shadows in colors like peach or champagne. If you use a foundation base or eye primer to the lids before applying your shadow it will help keep it from creasing.

5. Define your eyes.
When you want to make an impact with your look, focus on your eyes — it's what people notice first. Lining your eyes will make them appear full and wide open, but go softer by using a pencil or shadow in charcoal, dark brown or navy. Nothing accentuates crow's feet and tiny lines around your eyes as much as a harsh, black liquid eyeliner. Use a less-intense line underneath or it will weigh your eye down and make you look tired. Skip mascara on lower lashes entirely if you have dark circles under your eyes, because it will draw attention to the darkness. Lashes can fight the gravity of aging by using an eyelash curler which is an instant wider eye youthful look.

6. Fill in brows.
Always take the time to do this step. As we age are eyebrows become lighter and more sparse. By filling them in with a powder or pencil about the same color as your hair, it magically makes your eyes appear lifted upward!

The Biggest secret of all to looking youthful is staying healthy!
Pay attention to your weight, what you're eating and add exercise into your daily routine. There's a big difference in getting older and being old. Have fun, smile, enjoy your life and you will soon discover the real secret to ageless beauty!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

TREND ALERT: Chunky Statement Necklaces and How to Wear Them

Bangles might rule the wrist, but make room in your jewelry closet because there's a new kid in town ... the Statement Necklace! 

The chunkier, the funkier, the bigger, the better! So ditch the small delicate pieces and get ready to go BOLD! 

chunky statement necklaces

This accessory doesn't have to be expensive, but it can add a pop of color or glam to any outfit made from a variety of materials: glass, hammered metal, gemstones, beads, acrylic, plastic, shells or resins.

Because of it's size, a chunky necklace can stand on it's own or it can look great when worn with other necklaces as a layering piece.Wear them with a button down shirt for work (under the collar like a man's tie), a simple t-shirt and wide legged jeans for play, or a chic strappy dress to go out. A huge trend that you'll see going into Spring 2013 are vintage rhinestone necklaces worn with ordinary tees - so start rummaging through Grandma's old drawers and finding treasures at your favorite antique store.

I think they are best paired with a solid, but if you're a Bohemian type of girl look for one with some geometric shape and wear it with a great maxi dress or ethnic print.

A chunky flowery necklace is best worn with a sundress, white or beachy looks.

Think pearls are old fashioned? Well, not when Rhianna wears them! Here she is rocking a 5 strand choker with a pair of vintage Chanel sunnies. Perfection.

When dressing for a formal affair, don't overlook the power of pearls as a statement necklace to transform plain to fabulous! This is wear you can buy something cheap, no one can tell the difference with pearls and really there's no reason to own the real thing unless it's a family heirloom. Even the women on the Titanic kept the real ones at home. The secret is to make them your own by adding a brooch, a inexpensive bling stretch ring from Forever 21 strung thru the bubbles or wrapping them around your neck a few times, layering ... think outside the box to create your own statement! 

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