Monday, August 6, 2018

A Model’s Secret - How To Find The Right Modeling Agency for YOU

The right representation can make of break a model so choosing the right agency is a crucial step in the development of your career.  It is daunting for all of us and simply knowing what agencies to approach can be difficult, depending on where you live and what sort of markets are available to you.  After a lengthy modeling career I have had my share of experiences with agencies and I am often asked for advice about getting started in the business.  

I’ve written posts to answer many of these questions such as how to get scouted and how to identify the right modeling market for your type and look to help take some of the mystery out of the situation for model-hopefuls. You can read them here at these links:

Modeling is a business so treat it like a business:  It is important to remember that you are trying to break into a field where you are an independent contractor, will be working freelance, and interacting with other contractors, agencies, and clients, so treating it like a proper business right from the start is the correct approach.  When meeting with potential agencies or scouts it is in your best interest to be as informed as you can about the industry ahead of time so that you can ask the right questions.  Do not hesitate to ask for clarity when you are confused or overwhelmed with information.  It is a nervous situation to begin with so mentally preparing your questions ahead of time makes good business sense and every proper agent and scout will be glad to take the time to answer all your questions.  

Agencies and bookers: personalities and atmosphere counts: Meeting with several agents before making a decision to sign a contract for representation allows you to compare business practices, get a feeling for the energy, atmosphere, and vibe of an agency, and see which booker’s personalities fit with your own.  Getting off on the right foot in the relationship is important and if your personalities clash then that’s not a good sign, and you can’t expect that to improve or not be an issue over time. You want a booker who is really in your corner, will fight to help you get ahead, will open doors for you, have your back, and will always be there to help guide and educate you about the business and have time for you.  If your overall sense of the agency isn’t positive, or you find it overly quiet or maybe frantic, then visit other agencies. Signing with an agency just to say you have representation is not a good way to start your career, and you will spend more time trying to figure out how to extricate yourself from the contract than you will advancing your career.  Go with your gut instincts.

No one comes to the business without a lot of questions and the lack of information and guidance can be intimidating so do your research and get informed.  I’ll answer your questions if I can, so leave a message!

                                                 XOXO Shelley  

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Friday, July 27, 2018

Fall 2018 Campaigns - My Favorite Trends, Fall 2018

It is still the peak of summer but already the days are a bit shorter, the evenings a bit cooler, and I have this “what’s next in fashion and beauty?” feeling creeping in.  The shops are starting to show pre-fall selections and I am planning my fall wardrobe with the same sort of excitement I had as a kid getting ready to go back to school as I wait for the enormous September issues of all the magazines to arrive.

The new designer campaigns are out now and I am pouring over them for indications of the trends in beauty and fashion, adding pieces to my “wish list” - “wish I could afford that”, “wish I could wear that”, “wish I had somewhere to wear that” and “wish I looked like that.” Kidding aside, the new campaigns give us a great idea about what sort of color palettes and trends will trickle down to mass market fashion brands and beauty counters.  

Some of this fall’s biggest trends on my radar at plaids, houndstooth and tweed, animal prints, western, saturated colors, 80’s glam, busy prints, large logos, silk scarf prints, and oversized coats.  There really is something for everyone, and if going all out in one sort of look is not your thing, there are tons of accessories that can add an instant update to your look.  Big shoulders,  bright colors, zebra, leopard and tiger prints, and neons bring the power-dressing feel of the mid 80’s, while textured layers under oversized coats, capes and jackets are a fashion dream come true when facing deep freezes in winter.  Add ribbed tights and over-the-knee boots and the ubiquitous beanie and you are all set for the coldest winter days ahead.  

The western trend has been around for a few seasons now and extends to romantic prairie dresses, plaid flannel shirts worn with high-waisted jeans, western belts, and tall boots, and black menswear inspired jackets.  On the other end of the spectrum is the vibrant knitwear of Missoni, and the colorful and quirky styles of Gucci, Prada, Calvin Klein and Miu Miu.  

The Versace bombshell is also back with her mile-long legs, figure-hugging fits, and  extroverted, colorful prints.  Tall metallic boots like those seen at Jimmy Choo will become a bombshell classic that will be a wardrobe favorite for years to come.  

It might be full summer now but fall is not that far away, and the excitement of slowly adding a sweater here, a scarf there, a new handbag, and some boots, is just the fashion fix I need at the moment to carry me into fall. What’s on your wish list?

                                                               XOXO Shelley

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Heatwave Style - Mid-Summer Shopping

Mid-summer is one of my favorite times to go shopping. There are great deals as spring and summer styles are on sale, and pre-fall items help transition lighter pieces into outfits I can wear throughout the cooler months ahead.  And I love finding something on sale that I can wear right away that I can mix up with my usual looks.

Hothouse florals by Reformation

Boho Mini dresses by Freepeople

Living in the desert means I know a thing or two about heatwaves and how to dress fashionably without suffocating.  Floaty, boho mini dresses that reveal a lot of leg are my go-to favorites year round, and this year I am adding a midi skirt with a bustier top with spaghetti straps.  White jeans with frayed hems that bare the ankles are super comfortable and have hippie-chic Riviera style when worn with everything from tank tops, to embroidered blouses to graphic tees.  

Fringed hem white jeans at Madewell

Elizabeth Cole "Hamsa" earrings and Isabel Marant "Collier Scarabe charm necklace" both at ShopBop

Jewelry pieces that feel like little treasures picked up on an exotic vacation make a statement with any outfit, including super simple jeans and t-shirts.  Gold looks great against bare skin in summer.  I love woven bags and look for details that channel a seventies vibe.  Bucket totes with fishnet weaving look chic with just about any summer outfit and this rainbow palm trees tote is all “California dreaming”.

Skipping Girl palm tree tote and Staud "Moreau Bag" both at ShopBop

Schutz "Elsa" fringed slides, and Steven "Greece" slides both at ShopBop

Slides are all the rage this summer but I am saving the beach and platform slip-ons for sportier days.  I love a statement slide that lengthens the leg and looks great with everything from jeans to mini dresses.  I am loving this yellow fringed pair with a small heel for a glam look, and rose gold flats will look amazing against my fake-tan body glow.

Summer means bouncing from the steamy outdoors to the frigid A/C so having something chic to put over your shoulders makes sense. I love this asian-inspired kimono as it is light and airy but still has that exotic look that just feels so right at this time of year.  

Asian kimono robe at & Other Stories

Long live these long summer days! Fall will be here too soon and layers will be piled on and it will be goodbye limbs. I’m going to savor every moment of these warm summer days, heatwaves and all. 

                                                           XOXO Shelley

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Monday, July 16, 2018

Will Avatar Supermodels Replace Human Models, Bloggers and Influencers?

Break-out models are few and far between, the product of extraordinary genes, top level career management, and let’s face it, luck and timing.  The competition is stiff and the rules of the game change constantly, so when a model actually does rise to the top and become a star, it is a result of so much more that just her looks.  Social media has made models out of people that would never conform to traditional “model standards”, which is in fact very democratic and more representative of society as a whole, resulting in campaigns and collaborations that were normally reserved first for supermodels and then celebrities.  

And just when you think the competition can’t get any more intense, millions of people flock to follow influencers that are completely computer-generated digital creations such as South African beauty Shudu, and Lil Miquela.  These “supermodels” have followers in the millions on Instagram and influence that brands clamor for, to reach their target audiences in new ways.  Designers create digital files of their designs which are then applied to these avatars, and animated to show movement. Beauty companies like Fenty Beauty by Rihana launch new collections on these avatars, and brands line up to pay for sponsored posts with these “models’.  So what does this mean for the future of human modeling, not to mention bloggers and influencers, in the fashion and beauty industries?  Is traditional modeling doomed?  Are bloggers no longer going to be human or share actual human experience?

I am not a fortune teller but I do have some thoughts and reflections that lead me to think that the future is not that bleak for up and coming models and influencers.  Only a few short years ago models faced the threat of “non-models” with impressive followings on social media being offered contracts with agencies, competing with them for modeling jobs.  Clients routinely ask for a model’s social media numbers in the casting process now to see which models are having  an impact.  It is almost as if the public now has an influence on model selection as if the client has asked them “who do you want to see in our clothing, or makeup? Who represents our brand to you?” Rather than fade out of the scene, models have learned to adapt and develop a persona beyond their portfolio, creating their own sort of “celebrity” following.  Designers still need actual models to strut the runway several times a year, and while a few editorials featuring these avatars have appeared in magazines, it is incredibly time consuming and very expensive to produce such an editorial, meaning it is still a novelty.  Clothing and accessories brands that have four or more collections a year cannot afford the time or expense produce their advertising with avatars, the exception being that several large brands and department stores are using computer generated “models” for e-commerce.  If anything, the models are noticing a reduction in fees for these sort of jobs rather than being cut from the equation all together.  Powerhouse fashion brands regularly play with digital manipulation and creation in their advertising trying to separate themselves from other brands, but for the most part at the core of a campaign is still a recognizable celebrity or supermodel. 

So is this the end of traditional modeling?  Are bloggers and influencers seeing their careers fall apart?  I think that would mean that the audience and customers of the fashion and beauty industries don’t care for authenticity, that they don’t need to see themselves represented in advertising and on social media, and that the natural human world isn’t good enough so it needs to be replaced with something completely invented and artificial.  People aren’t going to believe an endorsement of a brand by an avatar.  Just as technology scrambles to fool our eyes such as with digital movies with actors working alone against a green screen, it is a huge undertaking to constantly re-imagine the visual landscape, to create ever-changing avatars and build “lives” to support these creations.  

The need for models and human influencers will adapt to the new playing field, and avatars will find their place in the social media world.  Consumers will let brands know that while it might be a novelty now to look at these avatars with wonder, they are aware that they are simply characters and they, the audience, are being invited to follow the “story” just as they would a character in the film.  Real human experience and reflection will still sell more product, and for that we will still need living, breathing models and influencers.  

We will always remember the supermodels, iconic images by legendary photographers, and standout magazine covers and editorials.  Would we follow so closely the amazing careers of models like Gisele Bundchen if we knew we were looking at an avatar who didn’t age, rather than a gorgeous young girl who burst onto the fashion scene and grew and aged along with the rest of us, through marriage, kids, business endeavors, and acts of charity, all while continuing to shine and move, and laugh, and sell products?  No, we would have lost interest years ago.  So keep following the relatable human models, seek out new faces that deserve a follow and likes, champion those influencers who share your personal style or outlook on life, and file avatars along with other curiosities of social media: check them out and be impressed by the artists who created them, not by the avatars themselves.  There are so many amazing actual human beings in this industry doing incredible things that are unique and the product of real, human endeavor.  Models and bloggers included.  

                                                       XOXO Shelley

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


It’s not too late to achieve a great butt for the beach or the pool if you are willing to put in the effort and get started, like NOW.  Shape Magazine created a video guide along with Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel (with the most perfect beach butt EVER) to help us get beach-booty-ready:

Toning and shaping is only part of the equation to achieving the perfect beach bum.  Exfoliation with body scrubs, hydrating and conditioning, and self-tanning gives skin a sun-kissed, smooth  tone, and sculpted glow.  Here are some of my favorite products that make me want to show off at the beach:

                                                 All products available at 

                                                      XOXO Shelley

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