Friday, October 21, 2016

How to: French Girl Beach Hair for Fall and Winter

Beach hair is one of the easiest and quickest hairstyles that suit almost everyone, striking the right chord between casual and sexy.  So why stop making beach waves just because summer has said sayonara until next year?  Don’t wait for your winter vacation to jump back into your favorite look. Done right, beach hair can be the perfect unfussy style for holiday parties and weekends alike.  The French have been doing it for years and would never want to appear like they spent too much time or attention on their hair.

Avoid the crunchy beach hair look by using the right techniques and products to create touchable waves.  Do not use a hairbrush at all or you will flatten out the waves and volume you are trying to create.  The first step is to apply mousse to your hair while it is still damp and then blow dry your hair by tossing it upside down.   The second step is to apply sea salt spray to your hands and then twist your hair into fairly large sections, twisting them in the same direction.  When the pieces begin to unravel the hair will fall into place.  Don’t brush or comb the hair but simply use your fingers to smooth the pieces slightly.  If your hair is extremely dry you can use a small amount of hair oil just on your finger tips along the outer edges of the twists to add a bit of shine, but be careful not to use to much as it will destroy the waves and make your hair look greasy. 

If your hair was washed a few days ago, start with a dry shampoo applying it to your hair while flipped upside down and then use your hair dryer on low or warm to plump up the volume of your hair while brushing out the dry shampoo to remove any excess oils without leaving any residue behind.  Then follow the first two steps and voila.  Proceed to tell all your friends when they compliment your hair that you just woke up like this and spent exactly one minute on your hair.  Relaxed, easy, sexy, unfussy hair is perfect year round especially during the holiday time-crunch so channel your cool, inner French girl and leave the complicated styles and techniques behind.  Tres jolie! 

                                                              xoxo  Shelley

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