Thursday, December 29, 2011

How To Tightline Your Eyes So They Really POP!

Just in time for your big night out on New Year's Eve, I want to introduce you to an advanced eyelining technique I learned from my makeup artist on a big photo shoot.

Many of you are already familiar with using eyeliner on the top of your lids to help define your eyes or to create a cat-eye effect. Probably many of you have also lined the inside of your lower rim for an even more dramatic smokey eye look, but have you ever tightlined ?

Tightlining is when you apply liner to your upper lash line, sort of like drawing roots on the underside of your upper lashes, right at the waterline to make your eyes stand out and give the illusion of fuller lashes and bigger eyes.

Using eyeliner alone on the top lid can look very stark on a naked eye, but tightlining your lash line is a subtle way to define your eyes and not look like you've done anything at all ... perfect when you want to give off that "not trying so hard" beauty vibe.

Here's how you do it:
Close your eye and slightly pull the corner of it upward. Use a flat brush wet with a cake eyeliner, a waterproof gel liner, or my favorite a pen-like liner.  It's best to dab and not create a thick line. Try wiggling the brush in between the lashes rather on the water line getting as close as possible to the lash line itself. (If you use a pencil try to use one that is waterproof to avoid smearing.)

Laura Mercier 'Tightline' Cake Eyeliner | Nordstrom

Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eyeliner

Think of filling in the spaces between your individual lashes so that it looks lush. Move along the entire lash line and fill in blending along the way. You might find that you need to use a q-tip to clean up some smudging before you go on to apply your mascara. Here is  a video tutorial to show you how.

Have some fun experimenting with this no makeup, makeup look!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It is well known that Mr. Mustache can also be tragically female. In fact, over 40 million women in the U.S. are bothered by facial hair. It's definitely a hairy situation, but is a woman who regularly shaves her face in danger of becoming the next bearded lady at the circus?

The thought that shaving your face will cause the hairs to grow back thicker and darker is a conspiracy theory that the beauty industry has promoted in order to make us spend thousands of dollars trying to get rid of what a simple 99 cent disposable razor can. I have been razoring the fine hairs off my face for years after a makeup artist told me about doing it for flawless looking skin in photographs. Makeup glides on afterward, plus foundation and powder won't become attached to those fine hairs and illuminated in your photos, especially visible in (Yikes) High Definition!

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Newport Beach plastic surgeon, Dr. Edward Domanskis encourages his female patients to shave their faces to slow the aging process. He says that by removing the top layer of dead skin cells, the exfoliation can result in a tightening and plumping up of the skin through constant cellular rejuvenation. .Dermatology and plastic surgery offices across the country offer a similar procedure of shaving the face that costs hundreds of dollars called derma-planing. Elizabeth Cummaro, R.N. aesthetician comments, “I see a remarkable improvement in my client’s skin after I perform derma-planing, which is almost exactly what shaving does.” See a You Tube clip of derma-planing being done ----->

Embarrassing and seldom discussed, the peach fuzz and faint mustache on a women’s upper lip is not a good look. Shaving is a simple, inexpensive and safe way to remove it. Some may resist saying,  “Not by the hair of my chinny-chin chin” but if this model’s best beauty secret gets out, don’t be surprised if your man's razor mysteriously goes missing!

Kat gets a quick shave in a barber shop in Japan ----->

If you liked this story check out {Halo Hair Extensions - the new rage in fake hair } because sometimes a girl wishes she had more hair!

Shelley GoodStein is a 47 year old FORD model who speaks to women through television, national articles and public forums about a model's secrets to looking good from the inside out and the beauty of aging! She is the author of Face This: Real advice from real models, photographers and makeup artists on how to become Picture Perfect! Available of Amazon, Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

Cover Girl ad banned in US - Fake Beauty: A guide to keeping it Real!

Bigger, Better, Bolder

Beauty campaigns have been banned across Europe for over-photoshopping. Today, the US finally weighs in ... banning ads by Covergirl. The ads, one which featured popstar Taylor Swift promoting NatureLuxe Mouse Mascara, promised "2X's more volume" on lashes but couldn't be substantiated. The disclaimer in fine print on the bottom clearly stating "lashes enhanced in post production". 

For a reality check watch the 2006 Dove "Evolution" video showing a model's progression from bare face to perfectly airbrushed billboard transformation.

The fake photoshopped look has become normalized because we no longer distinguish the difference between what is realistic and achievable vs what is fake. Women are spending more money than ever for hair extensions, plastic surgery, veneers ... otherwise known as "peacocking": trying to show off and stand out amongst other women. 

It's time to consider the man's perspective in this wholeheartedly, especially the part where men don't like anything that looks fake. It becomes too distracting for them, they find it hard to believe that your eyelashes could really be that long and they start to wonder what else might not be the real deal. That bold lip color that you think will entice him to a kiss? He sees it only as a threat ... becoming smeared across his own face if he does. 

Models and celebrities know that there are products that can enhance your looks and bring out your own special glow, but even so you must be careful not to overdo it. Like overly manipulated photos, you could quickly become banned from a guy's attention or a call back for that model audition, by layering it on too heavy.

Here are some great products to try for natural looking enhancements in photos and in real life:

Benefit's Benetint $29 - "the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle." Benefit's kiss-proof and waterproof,  sheer rose-tinted cheek and lip stain.

Lorac's TANtalizer Bronzing Luminzer $32 - An easy way to mesmerize a better-than-natural looking bronze tan in a matter of seconds.

Crest 3D Whitestrips - Teeth whitening can set you back a few hundred dollars but these strips, used nightly, can give similar results over time. (New York city dentist, Golub-Evan says that 20 years ago when he worked with model Paulina Porizkova she insisted he keep her teeth their natural color but recently she came in to have them whitened saying "We live in a society that prizes youth and white teeth are a part of that. ")

Mac's Zoomlash Mascara $15- reportedly Kim Kardashian's favorite, it is also one of mine. Mascara is not all the same, but they all contain the same basic components. To make them really work for you apply a thickening formula over a lengthening mascara and watch your eyes really pop! 

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Photo Tips for Better Picture Taking!

Watch the video here
Everyone reaches for the camera this time of year because the holidays make for Great Photo Opps, so here are some tips to turn your ordinary snaps into magical memories!

Double your Chances
The portrait in front of the tree is always traditional in my family, but remember that some of your best images happen in between the posing so keep shooting. It's a good idea if you can enlist another camera person along side you. A different exposure, perspective with twice the chances for that perfect photo. In the digital age there is no reason not to make it your goal to fill up the memory card!

Turn your Flash Off
I always prefer photos in natural light. You can reduce the dependency of using your flash if you open up window coverings and turn on lights in the room. Here is a photo of my Christmas tree, one with a flash and immediately after with the flash off.

Flash on                                         Flash off

Which one is better? Well it depends. If you are really proud of your tree trimming abilities you would pick the one with the "flash on" because you can see the details of the tree and the ornaments, whereas the photo with the "flash off" adds a tremendous amount of warmth, with the lights illuminating the tree. Just to be safe, take your pictures both ways ... with and without a flash. 

When you are photographing your kids underneath the tree looking for their presents you might find that the lit tree will be bright enough to light up their angelic faces, or you might need to turn on your flash. Most built in camera flash's  reach about 10 feet, but if it's washing people's faces out, back up a bit. Certainly, no flash is needed Christmas morning when all the light is streaming in from the windows.

Many religious and family traditions at this time of year include candlelight which gives off rich red and orange tones in a photo and adds drama. Sometimes the ambience is more important to your photo than a clearly lit face. The best way to capture the innocence of the moment itself ... is in it's natural light. 

Determine your Focus
When you are taking pictures of people, be sure to point the focus dot (or box) on their eyes. Generally when we look at people, it is eye-to-eye so naturally this is where you are able to capture the emotion of your subject. 

When you are trying to photograph a group of people in staggered depth, keep in mind that you will want to focus in the middle so the person in the front row and the back row remain in focus. If you only focus on the front, the people in the back will be blurry.

You might find there are many points of interest in your frame when you compose a photo, but you will need to choose one. This is what will grab the attention of your viewer ...
Sometimes you won't want the focus to be on a person at all, but instead on something not so obvious, like this piece of pie which makes for a unique and fun image you will treasure!

Get Closer
One of the simplest tips to getting a photo with a real a wow factor is to fill the frame of the shot with your subject and eliminate the dead space or headroom around them. This also gets rid of any clutter in the background, that can be distracting. Doing this will add a dynamic element to your photo and have a profound impact on your shot.

No Excuses. Period.
Almost everyone these days has a smart phone or iPhone in their pocket so there is really no excuse for not taking a couple snaps and sharing them with family far away. Download the popular and FREE apps like Instagram or Hipstamatic which can add cool effects like blurred edges and vignetting for a vintage retro flair.  -------------------------------->

AND if you are giving the gift of a camera this year to someone, make sure you take it out of the box, charge up the battery and install a memory card so it is ready to be used as soon as the wrapping is ripped open!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to DeBloat after the Holiday Parties!

The media suggest that the average American usually gains around 7-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years, but according to the most reliable study to date published in the New England Journal of Medicine, in truth, it is less than one pound!

If your clothes feel tight and your face puffy it is more likely you are experiencing the holiday "bloat" which can tip the scales up to 5 pounds plus.

Holiday festivities include family potluck gatherings, neighborhood gift exchanges, Thanksgiving dinner, cookie swaps, Christmas and office parties, not to mention the celebratory New Years toast!  All of these rich and processed foods that are being served usually mean more sodium - leading straight to water weight. 

It’s important not to freak out and remind yourself that weight loss and weight gain are mathematical equations and in a few days it would be nearly impossible to consume enough extra calories for a real 5 pound gain. 1 lb = 3500 calories AND 5 lbs = 17,500 calories extra.  Here are some  strategies to help you de-bloat.

1.  In between parties cut back on calories. 
This shouldn't be very hard to do since you have overindulged and feel full. Bethenny Frankel, author of Naturally Thin, suggests whipping up a big pot of vegetable soup to slim down. Just throw some onions, broccoli and carrots, in a fat free chicken stock and puree to eat with brown rice. 
2.  Fill up with loads of de-bloating foods to tell your body to get rid of all that water. Some natural diuretics are watermelon, asparagus, oats, cucumber, ginger, pineapple, and yogurts containing probiotics ("good" bacteria) can help.
3.  Eat fiber to help clear your colon of any undigested foods and air. Foods like bananas that are high in potassium  have also been shown to beat bloat by causing your body to flush out the water.
4.  Drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Sodium intake acts like a water retention magnet so you need to drink enough water to flush all of this from your system or your body will keep trying to save water reserves.
5.  Sweat it outWorking out not only helps burn calories away but you can sweat out unwanted water swelling. Before supermodel Heidi Klum gets in front of the camera she de-bloats with an Epsom salt-rich bath. Magnesium sulphate in the salts draw out the fluids from your body.

6. Plenty of Zzzzz's. Sleeping raises growth hormones and reduces stress. Stress can increase cortisol levels in your body over time and cortisol inhibits sodium loss through the small intestines. Water will stay where the sodium is which often causes water retention. So focus on getting to bed early and letting your metabolism get in check to help your body recover!

Shelley GoodStein is a FORD model who speaks to women through television, national articles and public forums about a model's secrets to looking good from the inside out and the beauty of aging! She is the author of Face This: Advice From Real Models, Photographers and Make Up Artists on How to Become Picture Perfect!

Friday, December 2, 2011

How to Depuff and Conceal Under Eye Circles

'Tis the season ... for no sleep.
 Which sometimes leads to under-eye circles and dark, puffy eyes. A one-way ticket to looking older than you are! 

One of the reasons you notice puffiness under your eyes so quickly after a sleepless night, crying, or overindulging in salty foods or cocktails, is because the skin around your eyes is thinner and more delicate than anywhere else on your body. Most likely the cause of puffiness is fluid retention, but sometimes genetics are to blame. If you see a bluish tint under your eyes, it is caused by the blood vessels underneath which become more noticeable as we age and the skin here becomes more translucent. 

In place of sleeping pills, here is my Beauty Fix ToolKit for under eye bags:

1. Depuff. Ideally you should sleep with your head elevated - totally impractical, and luckily gravity usually takes over by noon and naturally reduces some of the puffiness you saw under your eyes when you first woke up, but thankfully there is more you can do: Place anything cold under your eyes, like cold cucumbers or spoons soaked in ice to speed things up. Try Patricia Wexler's Instant De-Puff Eye Gel $19.50 or some of the new cool gels with caffeine to tighten that are sold in a rollerball applicator like Clinique's All About Eye Serum De-Puffing Massage $26. You may have heard beauty pageant girls talking about using Preparation H to constrict blood vessels under their eyes, but the ingredient that worked for this effect is no longer contained in the US version, so save your money unless your ordering it from Canada.

2. Stay Hydrated. Drink water to remove toxins and extra sodium from your body, and keep your skin properly hydrated with an eye cream rather than a regular lotion because they tend to have higher concentrations of emollients to help them remain in the ever-mobile eye area.  Daily use of any cream will temporarily plump up the skin so that the blue-ness of the blood vessels are less visible. I personally love using Clarisonic's Opal Sonic Infusion System, it vibrates at amazing speeds, delivering more than 7,500 micro-massages a minute to help the eye serum penetrate into the skin better. 

3. Brighten. A luminizing pen is one of the best kept secrets that models use for erasing those missed hours of sleep. It is seriously like a magic wand for under eye circles. The best is YSL's Touche Eclat $40. Just dot it under your eyes and blend! The light reflectors in this product will help make the area appear less depressed.

4. Conceal. Do this last after you apply foundation and use concealer with moderation, especially for puffiness or you may just draw attention to what it is you are trying to conceal. Be sure you choose a creamy formula and apply it using a concealer brush to get to the areas your fingers cannot saturate. This should be just a shade lighter or warmer than your regular foundation.

Be careful to avoid scented products and those that contain ingredients like salicylic, glycolic or alpha hydroxy acids and retinoids , which can irritate delicate eye tissue making redness and swelling worse. Also, skip mascara on your lower lashes alltogether so you won't look like a raccoon by adding darkness to your lower eye.

Shelley GoodStein is a 47 year old FORD model who speaks to women through television, national articles and public forums about a model's secrets to looking good from the inside out and the beauty of aging! She is the author of Face This: Real Advice From Real Models, Photographers and Make Up Artists on How to Become Picture Perfect!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Makeup Up Trends and One Perfect Dress

To view the Holiday Trends video {Click here

Deciding what to wear for the holidays can be a tough choice but so is choosing what makeup you'll pair with it so don't wait until the last minute ... just in case Mr Right shows up at the same party you'll want to be looking your best!

This year channel your inner  Hollywood glam and think luminous for makeup!

Smokey eyes and red lips are always in fashion for the holidays, but this year the red lips are also matte. Bold lips can instantly change your day look into a dramatic party ready lip! The eye gets a little update with a soft shadow and heavy winged eyeliner reminiscent of a 1940 pin up girl or Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra. A q-tip goes a long way in trying to perfect this look and clean up mistakes!

If you're going to a party after work, before piling on some extra mascara, take your eyelash curler and run it under hot water for a few minutes to heat it up. Then, carefully, so not to burn your eye, squeeze your lashes to soften them up so they are ready to accept another coat 
of mascara without gunking them up or ripping out your lashes. The heated eyelash curlers for about $25 by Dior is a great tool to use for this too, it melts the mascara and curls perfectly.

Gold, shimmery highlights are also a big trend for the season and the perfect glow with candlelight! The key is to choose choose just one place to shine so you don't end up looking like a glitter bomb!

Eyes, cheekbones, nails or lips can all benefit from the midas touch! For luminous, pearlescent skin try Benefits Girl Meets Pearl $30. TO use it, after all your makeup is applied, dot it starting at the top of your cheekbones creating a "C" all the way to your brow bone. Blend with your fingertips until it disappears. And for a golden pucker use Nars Lip Gloss in Albatross $24 over any lip color to give a golden shimmer. To do it yourself, take any gold shimmer eye shadow and dust it on top of cheeks, eyes or lips!

Shelley GoodStein is a FORD model who speaks to women through television, national articles and public forums about a model's secrets to looking your best! She is the author of Face This: Advice From Real Models, Photographers and Make Up Artists on How to Become Picture Perfect!

Learn how to take one red pencil dress and style it in different ways to take you to every party this holiday season by changing up three key pieces:  Footwear, accessories and the "topper"  - a key part of extending the life of this dress ... especially if you intend on party hopping!

A casual, biker influenced look. The cool as a cucumber vibe to take you for drinks with friends, holiday gift exchanges and date night!

Perfectly polished for an office party, church or charity brunch.

All blinged out for New Year's Eve!