Saturday, September 29, 2012

COVERGIRL Shelley GoodStein in More Magazine - No LIMITS

Cover Girl / Olay Feature
MORE Magazine October issue 2012 

October 2010 More Magazine
Grand Prize Beauty Search Winner

I think my husband nailed it when he described the difference in these 2 photos published exactly 2 years apart, as "raw Beauty" and "pure personality"! WOW what can't happen in two short years ... when you put yourself out there!

When you think back on your life, as I have been - turning 48 yesterday, there have been times when I was truly just surviving and getting by, but then there are these moments when something wonderfully unexpected happens. Like entering and winning a beauty search, publishing a book and having COVER GIRL endorse it, modeling for magazines and national ads, being chosen as the 2011 Juvenile Diabetes Foundations Promise Light Honoree, and guest co-hosting a television morning show.

My birthday dinner!
If I had listened to the limiting belief that a woman in her late 40's cannot break into these venues, I would have missed out on what might be the most amazing time of my life! But I still feel like this never-ending adventure has just begun because I  know now that it happens like that ... You put yourself out there and something wildly and totally unexpected shows up! There are no age restrictions to your goals, no limits not to reach for, no reasons not to give or care beyond hope, so D R E A M ... in spite of your fears! Start with a baby step today and let your blazing desire burn out loud!


~ Shelley

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall - Winter Shoes 2012 - TOP Footwear Trends

The last few seasons have been overly saturated with thick platform soles but if you're bored with that chunky profile you'll be happy to hear that there is a major shift to the single sole, classic pump. 

The pointy toe pump is a great instant slimming style for everyone because the eye travels longer down to the toe, creating the illusion of longer legs. Black is always a good color to choose, it goes with everything and dark colors are universally slimming, so navy or burgundy will also be good choices. The other slimming color is for a pump is nude, in a skin tone that matches your own. It will make you seem taller too! Even if you have only these 2 shoes in your wardrobe, if they are these two they can take you everywhere. These are great paired with the menswear suits we are seeing this season along with pencil skirts and dresses or with a skinny legged jean. If this seems a little too boring for your taste, designers have given you lots of options to show your fashionable side. 

 I know you've probably heard that an ankle strap on a shoe should be avoided because it can cut your leg off, but as you can see in this photo, when paired with a pant it actually can tie the shoe in to the pants, elongating your limbs. Metallic cap-toes, see how to DIY {here}, made popular in the '50's by CoCo Chanel is a great way to spice up this wardrobe workhorse. Printed pumps will continue as a strong trend into Spring - this example shows how to mix prints and patterns together to be perfectly polished. AND if you like a little more edge to your footwear there are always studded pumps!

We are all captivated by dress up shoes, and this year satin is the chic'est prerequisite for anyone walking a red carpet. These are definitely not for every day wear since satin is a bit of a delicacy for footwear, but it adds instant glam with a cocktail dress or paired with your favorite skinny jeans for a cocktail hour. Metallics and glitter will also be the accents to add for that WOW factor. 

We've all been there ... gone out in heels and wish we could walk home in flats! Lucky for us that this year there seems to be a love affair with flats. The ballet flat gets a fresh update in this season's biggest trend called a smoking slipper. Of course, this may conjour up images of Hugh Hefner in his PJ's at the Playboy Mansion, but more than a menswear vibe these super comfy flats will be available in all sorts of fabrics and embellishments. They look great with skinnies, a fitted tank and a great slouch sweater or if you want to play it Hugh's way pair them with some wide legged silky pants for a lounging, just got up look!

Want to buy it now and wear it now? These sandals are perfect with bare legs, and when cooler temperatures are here pair them with an opaque hose for a color blocked look. I love this chunky heel, which is also big for Fall, it's so much easier than walking on a stilleto.

Why do we love boots so much? If I told you tall boots were back in season this year you'd probably wonder if they were ever out because every woman must own at least one pair of knee high boots and for good reasons! Always classic and chic, you can pull them on over pants, leggings or with dresses for alot of versatility, but this year designers are showcasing knee high boots with bare legs. 

It may still be a little hot outside right now, but there is nothing hotter than the over-the-knee style boots that are huge for Fall and only going to get hotter as the year goes on. They are sleek, sexy and yet oh so powerful!

The key in choosing the right boot for you is getting the right fit ... around your leg! Boot shafts come in all different sizes so this is where you really need to try them and not just rely on your foot size. It's best to have them fitted around your leg but not so tight so that your skin is bulging. You'll want about a half an inch from your skin to your boot to allow a jean to work inside too.

The mid-calf boot makes an entrance this year and is a great way to keep a dress looking ladylike without wearing a pump.

The bootie has had it's reign the past few years, but this year the ankle goes a bit higher. I really like the way Victoria Beckham showcased her motorcycle boots with a slouchy sock in her Fall collection. Even the sneaker gets wedged up for this season!

And if you're looking for a sensible boot, you'll fall in love with one of the seasons biggest trends - the Chelsea boot. Originally from the Victorian era these ankle tight booties were worn as a riding boot and are distinquished by the elastic siding that runs down both sides of the boot for an easy on/off. Models were spotted wearing them off duty everywhere last year because they are so comfortable to walk around in - sorta like what the flip flop is to the summer. 

We can never have too many shoes or boots in our lives and don't seem to go in and out of fashion as quickly as clothing, plus no matter how tight those skinny jeans get - the shoe always fits!!!!!

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How to Make Your Own Metallic Cap Toe Shoe - the look of Chanel for just a few $$

Leave it to Coco Chanel to make this classic fashion cap toe pump a timeless hot trend for Fall 2012! The best part is that you can recreate this metallic blocking yourself with an old pair of scuffed pumps and make them new again - Plus recycle and save some $$! 

You will need: masking tape, sheet of paper, tape measure, spray adhesion primer, metallic spray paint, clear glossy top spray.

  • Wipe off surface of the shoe with a damp cloth, then make sure it's completely dry before beginning.
  • Decide how much of a cap toe you want - for this pump it was 2 inches from the sole up.
  • Take out a tape measure and mark your line.
  • Use masking tape on the outside of the mark you've made to create the line.
  • Wrap any paper, a sheet of paper works great, around your shoe to make a barrier where you don't want the paint to spray.
  • Use a spray adhesive primer, found at automotive or hardware stores as your first layer. All of the spraying should be done outside, in a well ventilated area with gloves. Don't skip this step - this will differentiate your shoe from looking home-made or high fashion. This spray is a primer and will allow the paint to adhere to the shoe. 
  • Shake the can really, really well and spray 1-2 feet away. Let it dry 1-2 hours.
  • After it's dry apply the metallic spray in super light coats - at least 3 in total. Hint: try it first on the surface you are using to spray on - like newspaper. And be sure to shake the can at least 2 minutes before using.
  • Let the paint dry about 1-2 hours between layers.
  • Apply the clear gloss. It is very important that you get the gloss and not an enamel or other finish! Let this dry a few hours before removing the tape and paper.
  • Mistakes? Use a q-tip and nail polish remover.

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Drop Dead Gorgeous - Starving is NOT Sexy

Starving yourself - purposely not eating to lose weight, will actually slow down your metabolism causing your body to go into self-preservation mode. 

You may experience a short-term weight loss but your body will fight back by making you feel hungrier and begin to store fat, slowing down your metabolism. Eventually your body will break down muscle protein for energy.

What else is not sexy about not eating?

  • Loss of Hair. Malnutrition causes your hair to thin and fall out.

  • Brittle Nails. Your nails can begin to break and become brittle.

  • Bloating. Gastro motility slows and it takes longer for the gastric system to empty causing constipation.

  • Infertility. Your period can become irregular or may stop completely due to hormonal abnormalities.

  • Bone Loss. You may experience bone damage and osteoporosis even after a few months since the nutrients your body needs to regenerate are not present.

  • Depression. Due to a lack of iron from not eating, you may become anemic causing you to feel weak, tired, irritable and in some cases clinically depressed.

  • Heart disease. You can damage your heart. In some cases, dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can cause heart arrhythmias and death.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

How to Make Your Legs Look Longer - Tips to Looking Thinner

Want to look like you have legs for days? 
Wearing heels is an obvious choice, but there are a few other tricks to gaining longer, more enviable legs that you should know about!

A self tanner can sculpt your legs, hide bruises and highlight muscle tone when you apply more to the areas where there is definition. Using a second layer along the sides of your thighs will make your legs look thinner because anything darker recedes and that rule works for legs too!

Using a shimmer stick or highlighter  from your thigh all the way down your shin to your foot is one of the easiest, quickest ways to making your legs look instantly longer and leaner. Why does this work? When you highlight a straight line down your leg the eye is immediately drawn to it and will follow the long line. Instant length via a visual trick, especially when combined with contouring the outer leg.

One of my favorite products to use for this trick is a bronzer, sort of a cross between a self tanner and highlighter:
Nar's Body Glow ($59)

Crossing your legs when seated is a comfortable way to relax but take a tip from celebrities who show off their legs beautifully when they are sitting for an interview. Cross your legs and tuck the top leg slightly behind the calf of the other leg to accentuates the calf muscle.

If your legs are a little bigger than you wish, wear a hem line that ends at the thinnest part of your leg - that way people will just assume that the rest of your leg is thin too, but it's best if the hem hits somewhere just above your knee ... anything longer cuts your legs off and visually shortens your leg.

Wearing the right clothes comes into play so choose pinstriped pants, any vertical lines will make your legs appear longer. Always hem your pants to cover the heel. Again, we want the eye to continue downward as long as we can when someone looks at us which is why the monochromatic way always works - matching your hem line whether it's a pant of skirt to your heel. This is why you see so many celebrities wearing nude colored shoes - matching their skin tone to give the illusion of a longer leg.

Wear pants and shoe in same color - models off duty
I am 5'9", blessed with naturally long legs and I wear heels all the time, but not because I want to be taller! People aren't attracted to you because you are tall, in fact science says men are more attracted to women that look fertile i.e. sexy, not imposingly tall. Heels lengthen the legs for sure, but they also point the toes downward making them look more graceful (think ballerina). Heels force you to use different muscles when you walk, making your butt stick out and arching your back, pushing your chest forward. Yep - pretty darn sexy!  

What type of heel should you choose? Pointed or open toe shoes are best with an open top, otherwise known as a low vamp (cleavage for your feet!), because the goal is to see more of your foot extending the visual length of your leg ... which is why nude or skin colored shoes are best where there is no transition between skin and shoe giving you at least another 5 inches of visual leg. A square or rounded toe will have the opposite effect. If your calves are bigger stay away from spiked thin heels. Towering heels will make you look wobbly and unbalanced drawing attention to your calf. And you should try to avoid wearing anything with an ankle strap as it will make your legs look stubby. When in doubt always go simple. Having alot of straps or embellishments can make your foot look bulky and take away from the illusion of a leaner leg.

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To learn more model's secrets to looking your best and taking your best photos check out my new book Face This: Real advice from real models, photographers and makeup artists on how to become Picture Perfect! Available for just $7.99 on Kindle, Nook and iTunes. Also as paperback from