Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candy Cane modelTini™ - Skinny Peppermint Holiday Martini Recipe

Did you know that peppermint is a natural appetite suppressant? It is! So treat yourself to a candy cane ModelTini™at your next holiday party. And, using mint can help curb cravings plus give you pretty pouty lips! Read how.

Candy Cane ModelTini™ recipe 
*90 calories

1 oz low calorie flavored vodka
1/2 oz peppermint schnapps
1 oz sparkling seltzer water or club soda*
(or you can substitute *fat free half and half or *fat free sweetened condensed milk for the filler to make it milky)

Drop in a mini candy cane (less than 20 calories) and it will turn your drink a pretty pink and look festive! And crush some up to rim your glass. 

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Peppermint oil is one of the plant oils that is the magic ingredient in those expensive lip plumpers you can buy. It works by irritating the lips, causing temporary swelling which gives you a fuller looking lip. You can find this oil in your local health food store for about $5! Use it to make your own sexy pucker by adding it to your lip balm or by rubbing a sprinkle on your lip.

ALSO, dab a drop on your tongue, it is very potent, and not only will you have fresh breath in case that cute guy from the office is at the party, but you won't feel like eating because of the minty fresh taste in your mouth ... mint and food just don't mix. Think about OJ  after brushing your teeth. UGH. Same principle and it really works!

Watch this video to learn about more skinny holiday secrets and how to rim your candy cane modelTini glass.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Crystal diamond feather pierced earring.

Feather earrings are a huge fashion trend, but the elegance of a jeweled metal fringe cannot be matched. I had such a hard time finding a dupe for the sold old SKYE CC (retail $185) earring that I designed these and am offering them for sale for only $19.99 

A substantial pierced earring made of rhinestone crystals and measuring 2 inches long, these come in silver or gold tone. I actually like this length better than some of the others I've seen that border on just "too much" in my opinion.  To order these, message me under the Contact form {HERE} and I will send you an invoice for the order and you can pay through Paypal.

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This is the Sold out CC Skye earring $185. 3 inches long


DIY Sexy Pumpkin Body Scrub

Pumpkin pie is always a fave at Thanksgiving, but did you know that this is also a scent that can trigger a sexual response in your man?  It's true according to a study conducted by Dr Alan Hirsch at The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago. 

So now that Thanksgiving is over instead of feeling guilty by eating all of the leftover pie, use it for a holiday to remember and whip up some old fashioned “desire” with this DIY beauty treatment that will leave you smelling a bit like pumpkin spice to drive "him" crazy all weekend long!

Sexy pumpkin All Over Body Scrub

Combine pumpkin puree (or use leftover pie filler) and brown sugar to get a consistency you like – for a stronger exfoliation add some white granulated sugar

1-2 tsp honey

Add in whatever else sounds delicious like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger or all spice.

Let this sit on your skin 10 minutes before rubbing gently in small circles to exfoliate dead skin away. Wash off with warm water.

P.S. Lock the door, because this recipe is sweet enough to eat.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

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Friday, November 9, 2012

Look Skinny in your Holiday dresses - Belt And Recycle!

Belt your holiday dresses to flaunt your waist and give you that perfect sexy hourglass proportion to look skinnier this year!

Scientific studies have shown that we find symmetry attractive and just by adding a belt to any outfit you can create that illusion whether or not you were born with it. Regardless of your size this trick works for everyone.

First Lady Michelle Obama is also known to repeat dresses by adding sweater or belt.
You might think a belt is too casual for a cocktail dress but the secret is in finding the right one ... metal, patent, ribbon, or jeweled - the key is to pick a belt that is equally as dressy as your outfit. If you don't have time to hit up the alterations lady, a belt is your answer to never looking frumpy again during the holidays. Many women make the mistake of thinking that just because they aren't a size 2 that this won't work for them. Or that they should wear a bigger, non-fitted dress, but adding more drapey fabric will only make you look bigger. By cinching in your waist you draw attention to the smallest part of your body giving you a curvy shape which translates into sexy.

Simple Grosgrain ribbon belt

Belts can also be a game changer allowing us to recycle holiday dresses from Christmas' past. An inexpensive way to change your entire look.

Hayden Panettiere's pencil dress repeated with a patent belt.

 And don't forget to add a belt to a sweater or jacket worn over your holiday dress to take you to one more holiday celebration without anyone guessing you're repeating!

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AA + BB = CC so Move over BB Creams and Meet the first CC Cream to Hit the US by Olay!

AA + BB = CC 
Or at least this is how it adds up when it comes to beauty creams!

The BB and CC creams are all-in-one wonders and the hottest skin care products in the Asian Beauty world now available in the states, that you've probably never heard of!

What are these creams? They are an all-in-one beauty balm (BB) that can replace several products current sitting on your bathroom counter for your morning routine. Like foundation, they are tinted to even out the skin, contain moisturizers to hydrate, vitamins, brighteners, primers, serums to fight aging and SPF to protect! Talk about getting alot for you money! 

The CC (Color Control) Creams promise to provide better coverage with more skin nourishing ingredients to help with more long term effects, than their older BB predecessors.  And the first to bat  and only one available in the United States is drugstore brand Olay's CC Cream containing the company's proprietary, exclusive Essential Glucosamine Complex which the company says reduces hyperpigmentation to even out skin tone and provides anti-aging benefits with continued use. It's available for less than $22 in three shades. {Buy HERE}

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Get Rid of double chins in Your Pictures!

If there is one comment I hear most from women about taking photos, it is regarding the dreaded, double chin. Just in time for Thanksgiving and holiday picture taking, the turkey neck is a subject that I can offer you some advice about!

Before giving you the on-camera tips, keep in mind that the biggest cause of double chins is excess body fat and some people just carry fat on their chin more easily than anywhere else. In this case losing weight is your solution. Our muscles can weaken as we age and the skin becomes looser there, but sometimes you're just born with a little more fat around the chin. It's possible you also have a genetic tendency to retain too much water in this area so check out my post about how to de-bloat. 

A previously non-existent double chin can show up on anyone at some time or another in a photo. But if you are breaking out into a sweat, dreading being asked to take a photo because you can't seem to crack the curse, then we need to break it down and look at why this is happening in your photos but not in real life. Caught off guard like this woman on the left, when someone points a camera lens at them, people seemingly drop their heads back into their necks. Self consciously trying to hide extra rolls, this only worsens the effect,  leaving her looking like a turtle. Standing up straight with her shoulders 
back like mom said to, would have been the quick fix for this girl's double!

There are many techniques that will work to make you stop mutating into a ninja turtle if you can just remember to take a breath and put them into play:
  • Make sure the camera is above you, not below eye level. Any photo taken below you will automatically increase a double chin effect as seen here ------------->
  • Lean in a bit forward and look up if you're sitting.
  • Lift your tongue, resting it behind your front teeth. This action will bring your chin up and naturally tighten the muscles of the neck a bit. 
  • Extend your neck out and then bring it down ever so slightly. Your image is to think "swan princess".
  • Hide a real double chin by resting your hands underneath your jaw, or by wearing high collars.
  • Putting your hair up or wearing it short will make your neck look thinner and longer, especially if you play up your eyes.
  • Trick the camera with makeup. Use a darker shade of powder, foundation or bronzer along your jawline and under your chin to make it appear to recede in a photo. Then use a highlighter on the center or tip of your chin to make it pop forward.

Kim K's camera phone twitter pic has another hint hidden in her pose that you can take a lesson from, which is angling her head while jutting her chin forward. Don't forget when you are using a camera phone that you want to make sure you hold it at a slightly higher level than your eyes so you have to raise your head up.

Remember, taking consistently great photos doesn't happen by accident ... they take some practice! 

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