Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pack and Travel in Style the Way Models Do!

Models are constantly jet setting around the world, I myself have been in 3 cities coast to coast for photoshoots in the last 2 weeks, packing and unpacking. Here are some tools of the trade for packing and traveling in style so you can finally throw away that velour jogging suit.

1. Pick a color scheme. A model's is usually neutrals - black, white, beige. Add your pop of color with a bright bag or some other fun accessory like a statement necklace.

2. Edit. After you are done packing pull a few things out. You never wear all of it and usually purchase a couple things while you're there. If you feel you have to add after that, make it a rule that it has to go in your carry on so that you keep it light.

3. Wear the essentials. To make it easier on yourself make it a uniform for your travel day. Comfort is key, but you'd never catch a model headed to the airport in her PJ's, no matter how early check in is. Choose wrinkle free fabrics and instead of a tracksuit think jeggings, skinny jeans with a long untucked blouse over top or a long maxi skirt layered with a t-shirt/sweater. Because I hate being cold, I wear heavier items that I won't have to pack but will want with me just in case of weather. Dark jeans with a bit of stretch or leggings, layers on top - tshirt and cashmere sweater, leather jacket and boots in the winter/open toe shoes in the summer. I usually add in a scarf for color and it doubles as a blanket on the plane.

5. Sarong. I always throw one of these in my suitcase with a swimsuit. Hot tubs or beach I am always prepared! A sarong is a great piece that can take you in the elevator to the pool, a cover up at lunch, and over your halter top for dinner if it get's a little chilly.

6. Minimize your accessories. I never travel with expensive jewelry. Not only do I have to worry about where I leave it or lock it in the hotel safe, it wreaks havoc at security. Plus I always pick up some local touristy little treasures when I'm there. 

7. Don't forget a big pair of sunglasses to throw on when you arrive. No matter how tired you are no one will know, you will just look effortlessly chic!

8. Huge Plastic Ziplocs. Seasoned traveler and model Cheryl Tiegs says she uses these to roll up clothing and then pushes out all the air for efficient packing. I like them for cosmetics that might leak in which case I "double bag" and so that I can easily see where everything is. To learn more tips from real models about traveling click here to read some quotes from the pros.

Great video to watch from fellow Ford model, Delphine, with tips on how to look glam while traveling!

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