Saturday, September 29, 2018

Happy Feet: Editors’ Favorite Statement Sneakers

Editor’s and street style influencers championed the "dad shoes” / "ugly shoes” trend for yet another month of fashion weeks around the globe this September, proving that sometimes style can actually be comfortable.  Seriously, this is one trend I am ALL OVER.  Now is the best time to take advantage of the athleisure trend to wear  sneakers everywhere, all the time, while staying completely fashion forward .  My happy feet will be in such better shape to handle heels and stilettos over the holiday season when the time comes, after being pampered with cozy comfort on a daily basis.  Bonus: these wonder sneakers are perfect for fall weather until boots become essential.  

The new crop of covetable sneakers are graphic in color and design with chunky soles, cushy interiors and as far from classic as it gets.  Editors and style stars wore them with everything from pants to skirts, short and long, causal and formal, pairing them in conventional and unconventional ways as they darted from show to showroom, lunch to meetings.   Whatever your budget there are amazing options available and the only problem will be how to choose just one.  Here are my favorites, both my dream shoes and their affordable counterparts.  Models, stars, and style celebs agree that this year’s shoe is made for walking.

                                                                  XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Face This Guide: How to do Glitter for Grown-Ups


Everyone loves a bit of sparkle in their lives and the runways for the last two seasons have given us lots of inspiration for how to add a little glitter to our beauty looks without looking like we are made up for Halloween. (Of course that, and festival season, is the perfect occasion to glitter bomb yourself and go all out).  There are new products with formulas that have staying power, come in the most amazing holographic and metallic colors, glosses that are high on shine and low on the sticky factor, shades that can be blended and layered for different effects, and colors that go from low-key glam to all out disco queen.

For the most modern take on glitter makeup choose one feature to play with and leave the rest of the face more neutral.  Note: a little glitter ones a long way.  The easiest way to play with the trend is with a glitter eyeshadow or lip color that is more natural than shocking, and metallic in it’s finish.  Try layering a glitter lip gloss over a favorite lip color to give it a shimmering look.  Another quick and easy way to add some gleam is by applying a highlighter to your upper cheekbones over your blush, or using a metallic gel eye liner to create a modern cat eye. Tip: use a blending sponge to even out your day makeup and refresh it, then add either a glitter eye shadow or create a glitter lip to take your look from day to evening, from neutral to sexy/fun/glam in one quick step.

Glitter isn’t just for holidays or kids, and it’s one of the easiest ways to update your look with adult-approved shades and finishes that can shimmer or shine depending on how glam you want to go.  Why should kids have all the fun? 

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

The New Red Lip: The Ultimate Classic Glam Look:

A bold red lip is a beauty wardrobe essential with a shade and texture to suit every skin tone and style.  It is universally flattering, powerful, assertive, classic, and most of all sexy.  It demands to be noticed and pairs as easily with a fresh, clean complexion as it does with a stronger, edgier palette, making it suitable for any place and any time.  It is the quickest way to amp up a casual look, to project power and confidence, and to add sex appeal.  It is just as appropriate in the office as it is in the night club, and finishes off a look like no other beauty product can.  So if you haven’t tried a red lip, what are you waiting for? 

There is good reason why so many iconic beauties of the past and present have made a red lip their trademark, and you can too. The two distinct versions this season are the matte red lip, and the 3D glossy look, and there are new products to help you easily achieve both.  

A red lip can be intimidating because the application needs to be quite precise but who doesn’t love a good lip pencil and the thrill of filling in your lips with a luxuriously textured lipstick or gloss?  Makeup artists have a few tricks to create the perfect red lip:

Choose a shade that works on your skin tone, either a shade with warmer undertones or a cooler shade with blue or plum undertones.  

Start by outlining the lip and then fill in the lips with the lip pencils as this will make the lipstick or gloss last longer and stay put.  Draw slightly outside the edge of your lips if you want to add a bit of volume but don’t go too far or it will be really noticeable, mores than the amazing red itself.  

Correct any little smudges or irregularities with a straight-edged lip brush using concealer.  

Follow up with a layer of matte lip color using a lip brush rather than just the lipstick bullet itself for  more precision.  

For a glossier or satin finish, apply a red gloss that isn’t too sticky overtop.  

Try these new products specifically formulated for a matte lip that aren’t drying or tightening  that on luxuriously, and next generation lip shines that have a vinyl finish, won’t budge, and have more pigment than previous glosses:

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Saturday, September 8, 2018

This Year’s Model Uniform Gets a Chic Update:

New York Fashion Week kicked into high gear with a flurry of back to back castings for the world’s busiest models running here and there trying to fit it all in.  Gorgeous models were bombarded by paparazzi as they paraded into the Victoria’s Secret casting, long legs with long strides, confident smiles, and looking every bit like VS stars.  Even models who have booked the show in the past have to do the casting each year to prove they are still in peak condition and able to bring their A game.  Newbies have to beam star power if they want to stand out and be noticed.  Props to these models for going for it and putting their best foot forward when they are up against supermodels, all vying for a spot on the VS runway.  

Fashion week castings are an endurance test but that doesn’t mean the models can scrimp on personal style.  This year’s trend is much more dressed up than in years past with the models wearing chic blouses, shorts, mini skirts and off the shoulder looks.  Strappy high heels and booties are a model-must-have for castings and show off the legs.  Most models stick to black and white styles, denim, and leather.  Adding a bold color guarantees she won’t go unnoticed. This year’s purses tend to be small with a shoulder strap.  The model uniform this season is classic and strong with an emphasis on a more sophisticated look than we have seen in the past, as the models up their game, proving they are the right choice for designers to represent their brands.  

New faces and model hopefuls can learn a lot from these pros on how to dress to approach agencies, to go on castings, and to present their own “brand’ in the best possible light.  Great hair and very light makeup are all you need to finish off the look.  Look like a pro and they will know you are treating your modeling aspirations as the business that it is.  Fake it until you make it.  Show you belong in the business and have respect for the professionals with whom you wish to work.  

 Good luck girls! We hope to see you on the runaway! 

                                                            XOXO Shelley

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Fall Shopping: The New Trends You Will Love

And just like that Fall has arrived and it’s goodbye bare shoulders and hello layers.  Even though I love the summer heat and sunshine, wearing light-weight clothes, and going a bit easer on the makeup, I am a North Dakota girl at heart and fall shopping was always  BIG DEAL when I was growing up.  I loved pouring over all the fall fashion issues and picking out the trends that I could emulate, shopping locally and with a student’s budget.  Lux animal prints, plaids, wools, blazers, chunky-knit sweaters, boots, and jeans - the fashion world is having an eighties and nineties flashback and this northern girl couldn’t be happier!

The best part about these style updates is that they are all in their own way classics and pieces that are so comfortable to wear that you will happily live in them all fall and winter.  I’ve done the research to get you started, so here is my Top Trends Shopping List for Fall 2018:

Oversized sweaters, both marled and with graphic designs (also know as intarsia).  Nothing is as cozy as a big pullover worn in the fall as an outer layer both with jeans or menswear pants, and under this year’s extra large quilted down parka when the weather turns frostier:

One of the biggest jean trends this season are looser and higher-waisted styles with embellishments, printed designs, and cuffed.  Think of these jeans as your go-to brunch jeans -  eat all the French toast you want without even a hint of muffin top:

The western style trend has been around for a while now and cowboy boots are one of the quintessential American styles that gives the ubiquitous ankle boots a leg up (pun intended): 

Menswear style suits never are no on trend, and even the girliest of girls can benefit from having a great blazer and matching trouser, to dress up for evenings with a silk tank top a la Yves Saint Laurent or Tom Ford, or to channel your inner Annie Hall with a slouchy fit and men’s classic dress shirt and boots.  And these pieces do double-duty: wear your trousers with your chunky sweater one day and your blazer with your jeans the next:

Animal prints can add a little, or a lot, of glam to your look and this season’s options run from shoes to bags, to silks,  fake furs, to bags, coats, to belts, and this list goes on.  Leopard prints have always had a bit of a sex kitten vibe, and who doesn’t need a bit of that when we are under all these cozy winter layers? 

Checks, plaids, wools and tweeds transition perfectly through the fall and winter and are as classic as it gets.  Look for pieces that aren’t too bulky in the fit so that you still have a waist and hips, or try adding a belt:

So while I love summer and hate to see it go, I still feel that fall shopping excitement, and this year’s trends have something for everyone.  Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes!

                                                              XOXO Shelley

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