Sunday, October 29, 2017

Angelina Joli Shines in Harper’s Bazaar 150th Anniversary Collector's Edition

Eternally beautiful Angelina Joli stars on Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s 150th Anniversary issue, photographed by Alexi Lubomirski on a nature reserve run by the N/a’an Ku sĂȘ Foundation in Namibia. 

A strong advocate for global women’s rights and preservation of the environment, Joli writes of her commitment to these issues to ensure a better future for today’s children.  Admired as much for her advocacy as for her directing and acting career, watching Joli make the journey from Hollywood rebel, to star, to mother, to humanitarian is inspiring, making her a perfect choice for Harper’s Bazaar’s landmark anniversary issue, highlighting issues that are paramount at this moment in time.

“If my life experience has taught me anything, it is what you stand for, and what you choose to stand against, the defines you.  As the San people say: you are never lost if you can see your path on the horizon.“ Angelina Joli

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Beauty knows no borders and wanting to look our best and championing our differences makes for a wonderful array of international style and allure.  In a celebration of this diversity, beauty products and treatments have evolved to address specific skin and hair care concerns, going beyond trends to becoming a part of the beauty identity of different parts of the world. 
No matter where your particular corner of the world happens to be, we can all learn from each other, sharing beauty secrets that are relevant to women everywhere.  We all want to be our best possible selves and beauty is inclusive, rather than exclusive.  Read on to find favorite products that treat local skin and hair ideals that are as universal as beauty itself:

Brazil – Brazilian women are veering away from straightening their hair, and now proudly rocking the hair nature blessed them with, celebrating their multi-ethnic and unique beauty.  They choose hair care products that are gentle, defining, and that protect their curls. 

France – French women spend more time on maintaining good skin and hair than on makeup.  Facials, products formulated for sensitive skin, and a great haircut that requires little or no upkeep, helps them achieve that most-desired laissez-faire French beauty.

Korea  – Glowing skin as a trademark of Korean beauty, so much so, that K-Beauty products are coveted all over the world.  They choose masks, gentle cleansers and hydrating moisturizers to achieve a youthful complexion.

Australia – Aussie beauties want to look sun-kissed and outdoorsy, but they are acutely aware of the effects of sun damage and use products that protect with high SPF.  They prefer a fresh, natural, healthy complexion that doesn’t require a heavy-handed makeup routine.  

India – Even skin tone, long shiny hair, and makeup products formulated to match a wide variety of complexions are the top three beauty concerns for Indian women.  They keep their hair healthy and conditioned with masks, use tone-correcting treatment products on their face, and look for makeup products that offer an array of shades to suit all skin tones.

Arabia - Price often isn’t a priority for Arabian women when it comes to skin and hair care, and maintaining a consistent beauty routine is essential.  Facials, manis and pedis, spa treatments, and high-end skincare regimes are the norm.  Luxurious products that hydrate, add a youthful glow, and refine the complexion are the key to Arabian beauty rituals.

Singapore – Brightening a dull complexion, treating pigmentation, and refining pores are the universal concerns in this multi-cultural nation with varying skin and hair types and textures.   Achieving a glowing complexion that is a result of top-notch skincare habits rather than intense humidity is key.  The emphasis is on beautiful skin and hair that looks bright, youthful, and healthy.

Broaden your own horizons and take some tips and advice from women the world over.  Beauty is diversity.

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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Pop Art Makeup – It’s All in the Details

Graphic makeup that defies traditional beauty rules is one of the most Instagram-worthy trends going at the moment, inspired by Warhol’s bold use of colors, Lichtenstein’s black outlined cartoons, and Nagel’s contoured, edgy women.

Think of using highly pigmented colors in atypical ways that are as far from a nude palette as it gets.  Create patterns, lines, and shapes that show your skills with brushes and liners.  Contour the cheekbones, nose, and jawline to set off the design. 

Being precise is key to succeeding with these artistic looks, and practice makes perfect.  Remember there are no rules and the more creative and skilled you are, the more impact your look will have.  Don’t forget to gram your hard work and your amazing pop art designs.  Try these looks with the products below, and create your own masterpiece   

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Monday, October 16, 2017

MODERN BOLD PINK MAKEUP – How to Wear the New Fantasy Makeup

Pink makeup used to be solely for blush or lips but everyone’s favorite color is having a true beauty moment, more bold than demure.  Top makeup artists are using pink hues in unexpected ways from graphic eyeliner, to highlighting, to highly pigmented shades applied with a heavy hand. 

The chief difference is that it isn’t blended into a sheer wash to enhance the complexion, but to be a stand-alone color that has a 3-D quality.  Throw out the rulebook and mix various pink tones together and play with mixing matte and more luminous finishes together. 

Apply the color boldly where it breaks traditional beauty rules, and think more “hot house flower” than “pink peony”.  This is not your mother’s pale pink makeup.  Color outside the lines and be bold.  Adding a little fantasy to your beauty look is fresh, and very now. 

                                                                 XOXO Shelley

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