Monday, February 1, 2016

Make-up Strobing and Diva Ring Perfect Light Techniques!

Thank you Arizona Midday for inviting me to talk about the importance of lighting in Beauty today. You can watch the video segment {HERE}

Strobing is the newest beauty craze that is making headlines on runways and Instagram photos all around the world. Due in part, to a backlash against the overly-contoured trend that Kim Kardashian made so popular these past few years. It is a makeup technique that uses light and only light to define facial features AND it works for everyone! It is not really new at all, in fact, most of us call this highlighting ... but it has been reinvented and it's cool new name is strobing.

You can really use any highlighter or shimmery, light-colored palette you have in your makeup bag. However there are many products being sold now for the very purpose of strobing. Just keep in mind that the effect you are looking for is shimmer not glitter or sparkle. My favorite and I think easiest product out there to use for strobing is Becca's Shimmering Skin Perfector. It comes in 3 formulations: creme, liquid and powder in many different colors. 

If you are fair, I recommend sticking with the champagne and lighter colors, while if your skin tone is darker you can go into the more gold tones. You apply this anywhere the sun naturally would hit your skin in direct light. The top of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, forehead and chin, your brow bone, and the top of your cupids' bow. You might consider using just a touch above the arch of your eyebrows for an instant face lift - It will draw the eye of anyone looking at you upward, also on your clavicle - sexy! and down the center of your shin - This will elongate your leg! I would advise against the T zone if you are particularily oily.

It's important to think about the other products you are using when you decide to "strobe". For example, using overly heavy foundation will not work together well with strobing. You want to keep your face light, almost glowing. For this, I recommend switching to one of the new serum foundations ... another really hot beauty trend right now. The serum foundations are lighter than a traditional foundations but still with coverage; not as sheer as a tinted moisturizer so it will cover imperfections and give your skin that flawless look. It's a perfect product for that no makeup - makeup look! Plus they have the skin benefits of the popular serums. 

The one I recommend is Josie Marin's Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation. It goes on white and instantly adjusts to your unique skin tone: There are 3 shades that will match nearly everyone: Fair to Light, Light to Medium, and Medium to Dark. It also contains Argan oil which will keep your oily areas shine free and infuse your dry spots with moisture.

The idea behind strobing is that you are adding shimmer to the areas of your face that you want to highlight. That being said, you want to be careful that the other products you use do not shimmer except the one you use for strobing. Keep your blush matte-like and stay away from lip gloss. Try Too Faced Love Flush for long wearing 16 hour blush coverage.

Last, but not least, I want to mention Ring Lighting and the Diva Ring Light that everyone on the show today couldn't stop talking about ... guests, host and camera guys! For good reason, it is the perfect lighting for beauty photos and has a long reputation and use in fashion photography. Beauty bloggers, you tube videographers and Instagram girls everywhere are obsessed with them. A tell tale sign that someone is using this type of light is the halo - catch light in the eyes (see the photos above). Also the ring light surrounds you and makes fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes almost disappear. Pretty sure I always want this type of light with me! You can order these on Amazon and I even found one that can clip on to your phone for selfies.

With Light and Love,