Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hair Sheets: Convenient, On-The-Go Hair Solutions

While dry shampoo has become a hair care staple, there are times when carrying around a small aerosol can is not convenient, or in the case of air travel, not possible.  Convenient towelettes offer the perfect solution to a multitude of hair issues on the go and are portable and disposable. 

Winter hats and dry heat can make static buildup, and it’s no secret that an anti-static dryer sheet rubbed across that hair eliminates the fly-aways.  But what about other hair issues like an oily buildup, frizzies from humidity, and oder from food or smoke?  There are several different hair sheets that address these various concerns, leaving less residue and weight than dry shampoo, giving hair a lift.

I tend to get an oily area at the crown of my hair while the rest of my hair is normal, so I like oil absorbing products that work like face blotting papers, only much more effectively, eliminating the oil so I can style it.  Sometimes after a blow dry my hair lacks shine, but adding a shine product can be heavy on my fine hair.  Gently running a lightly moistened towelette infused with shea butter or lavender oil from the middle of my hair shafts down to the ends eliminates fly-aways and makes it shine.  Those whose hair easily gets frizzy in humid conditions should use sheets that create a barrier on the hair to block out moisture.  

Try these sheets for quick hair fixes between work and an evening out, post workout, after a hair style destroying flight, or just to extend the time between normal washing.  

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Say Goodbye to Dry: Hydrating Treatments to Prep Skin for Spring

Winter seems to have missed the memo that spring officially began last week.  The unrelenting snow, wind, and cold have taken there toll on our complexion leaving it dry, sensitive, and as far from glowing as you can get.  Not to mention that skin in this condition makes applying and blending makeup a real challenge.  Just when you are so ready to bare some skin you realize that it’s time for some serious hydration and TLC.

Look for masks, serums, boosters, and products that contain hyaluronic acid to deeply penetrate skin’s layers, plumping them up with moisture and hydration, and creating barrier to seal in that extra moisture.  Use hydrating masks at least twice a week, and serums, boosters, and hyaluronic acid daily, and before you know it your skin will be moist, less red, and will bounce back when you touch it.  

Skin this moist is in the perfect condition for light-weight foundations, self-tanners, glow products, and multi-use sticks for blush, lips, and highlights.  Start now and when spring finally arrives and the days get warmer, your skin will be ready to glow.  Try these highly-rated products, and don’t forget to feed your skin from the inside by drinking lots of H2O.

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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Warming Trend: Desert Hues are the New Nude

The nude makeup palette is still going strong but it is evolving and changing in line with the season.  Spring and summer’s new nude is inspired by the desert’s warm, deep sunsets, terra-cotta earth, and golden tones.  

Contour takes a back seat to well-blended bronzers and highlighters.  Start with self tanner if your complexion is pale. (Note: you need to use self tanner all over your neck, décolletage,  and shoulders so you don’t look like you are wearing a mask.)  Follow up with a bronzer that gives a warm flush and apply it right into the hairline.  

Use a highlighter on your temples, along the top outer edges of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, the center of your chin, and a tiny bit in your cupid’s bow of you upper lip.  You don’t want to look like you are trying to glow in the dark, so start with a light touch of highlighter and build it up gradually. 

Go for the desert equivalent of the smokey eye using warm sunset hues and coppery tones, well blended and applied on both the top and the bottom eyelids.  Use a dark matte crayon liner to define the eye, rather than a precise liquid liner.  Frame the eye with a well-groomed brow to really draw attention and complete this dramatic look.  

A deep nude lip works best for each version of the desert palette.  Whether you are wearing a monochrome look for day, or a stronger sunset look for evening choose a lip shade that is slightly darker than your own lip color in a semi-matte finish.  

These shades are the perfect warming trend for spring and summer beauty, and depending on how liberally you apply the products, these desert hues can take you from work to weekend.  Consider it the easy version of the nude palette: just keep blending and don’t be afraid to use your fingers to achieve the perfect sun-kissed “I just came back from vacation” look.  

*** All products available at Sephora

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Miami Beach Spring Break - Supermodel Style

Miami Beach is one of Victoria’s Secret’s top shoot locations and not surprisingly a favorite destination of the VS angels who grab weekends on the beach, soaking up the sun and sand, between jobs.  It's truly a hotspot for models from around the world.

The weather, beach, laid-back life, food, sun, and stunning hotels make Miami Beach the hottest place to be for Spring Break, and a major modeling market for magazines, campaigns,  and advertising.  Many models start working in the Miami market before heading to NYC, Europe, and Asia.  Including me! 

March is peak season for spring breakers and if you are headed to the beach, take inspiration from the angels’ Instagram posts to find the perfect Miami Beach style.  Pack super sexy bikinis, airy whites, florals, chill rompers, jeans, and trendy sunglasses.  Keep it simple and fresh during the day, give your hair and skin a rest, and let the sun, sand and wind revive you. 

Nightlife in Miami Beach is off the charts, with amazing clubs and internationally renowned restaurants, so pack your most on-trend heels, outfits that show some skin - bare arms and shoulders in this year’s erogenous zones, your most fashion-forward outfits - color replaces black in Miami, and notice-me jewelry.  Nothing is ever really too over-the-top in Miami.  

Kick off your shoes and let winter drift away.  See you at the beach!     

                                                              XOXO Shelley

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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Supermodels on the Red Carpet: the Ultimate Awards Season Style and Beauty

Awards Season is here and models are making red carpet appearances in the most stunning gowns with gorgeous hair and makeup.  No strangers to glittering style and beauty, these glamazons know exactly how to show off dreamy creations to full effect for the paparazzi, choosing just the right poses and best angles for the high-intensity flashes. 

This year’s best red carpet looks feature low necklines, exposed shoulders and décolleté, and high slits with glimpses of toned,  spray-tanned legs.  Nude tones and metallics with shimmer and beading catch the light.  Goddess fashion at it’s best.

Beauty takes center stage this year with an emphasis on polished skin, groomed brows, and a nude to golden palette with all attention being drawn to the eyes with flawless eyeliner and a warm, neutral lip.  Contour is key but without the overly sculpted look of years past.  Hair is sleek and keeps the focus on the eyes without distracting attention.  A wide open forehead is a classic beauty look that draws the face upwards in a natural face lift.  

Follow the lead of these on-trend women for your own formal occasions, and study their red carpet power poses for your own star turn moment to create images you will love for years to come.  

                                                             XOXO Shelley

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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Palette-Cleansing Pink: It’s Cherry Blossom Season in Spring Beauty

Pastels dominated on the Spring 2018 runways, with candy-colored shades worn head to toe, and with ultra-flattering hair and makeup.  While winter’s deeper tones, graphic lines and edgy hair suit cooler temperatures and a darker color palette in fashion, spring is the right time to lighten things up and soften your look, without being saccharine sweet or overly conservative.  

For a more fashion forward look choose pinks and roses that are brighter, heavily pigmented, and with a matte finish.  Try a graphic liner on your eyes, or a bright pink lip.  

Look for shades that are closer to your skin’s natural flush for everyday makeup, and go for softer rose tones with a more dewy finish. 

Both looks suit natural waves and easy/messy updos that aren’t severe or slick.  Truly a breath of fresh air and just what we need as a palette cleanser after winter.  

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