Sunday, October 8, 2017

Breast Cancer Awareness: THE POWER OF PINK

The Power of Pink reigns every October as Breast Cancer Awareness month kicks off to support those battling the disease and to fund research in the race for the cure.  One in eight women will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime, affecting not only the woman’s life, but the lives of her family, her friends, and her community.  We each owe it to ourselves to be educated about risk factors, to get regular breast exams, to support those who are suffering from the disease, and help to fund those researching treatments and the cure.

An easy way to contribute in the fight against breast cancer is to use your buying power to purchase products that raise funds for the many organizations and foundations that rely on donations.  The beauty shelves are filled with special editions, collections, and enticing products from brands who have committed between 20% to 100% of their proceeds to various foundations and organizations. Shop these amazing beauty treats and many more by looking for the Pink Ribbon symbol and show your support for these amazing breast cancer warriors. 

                                                          XOXO  Shelley

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