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Monday, December 8, 2014

Victoria Secret Backstage Runway Model Tricks YOU Want to Know!

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show has now become a tradition for the holiday season, attracting over 10 million viewers in over 180 countries ... it is hands down the most famous runway production I know of. 

However, what you might not know is that the model's call time is 9 am ... for a 7pm show. That's 10 straight hours of hair and makeup. So if you feel badly when you're watching tonight because you don't look like they do, just keep in mind that neither did they 10 hours earlier! So when you walk into the room, you might want to incorporate a few of these model's backstage tricks to look your best!

A big thank you to Arizona Midday for having me on their show today to talk about these behind the scenes tricks. You can watch the video {HERE}:

  • Hairspray to stop the Jiggles and Wiggles

A strong hold, aerosol hair spray can make the difference for jiggly thighs or underarms. Just spray generously on whatever area you want to stop wiggling and hold straight and still until dry. It should feel like you are shrink wrapping your skin.  Plus there's an added bonus if your using this trick for the back of your thighs - it will help hide cellulite because the reflection and shine of the spray will deflect the light and minimize the appearance of any "dimples".

  • Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

I see bottles of Sally Hansen airbrush legs spray behind the scenes at a lot at photo shoots because it really works to make your legs look flawless! Not only will this easy to use spray hide flaws, it will give you color. Best of all, it is water resistant so it will stay on your skin and NOT transfer to your clothes or sheets.

Available in 3 colors, choose a shade darker than your skin and after you've sprayed it, use your hands to rub it in to make sure you didn't miss anywhere. The added color will give you the optical illusion that your legs are leaner - remember anything darker will look smaller!

  • Biosilk Shine On

One thing these leggy supermodels do not have is matte colored legs. A shine down the center of your leg will make then look longer. To get a perfect sheen without looking like a glitter bomb use a product that is really made for hair called Biosilk's Shine On. I like this because it won't transfer onto other things and it is more subtle than a shimmery lotion.

  • Tea to Tan by Terry

A water color bronzer - this product will help create the high cheekbones that you weren't born with. Bronzers are the easiest way to Contour the face but they can be super intimidating to use. This liquid bronzer is an easy way to build color one step at a time. Beautifully sheer and a color that works on almost every skin tone.

  • Facial Sauna

At some point we all feel like we have caked on the makeup. To help the makeup blend into your face, hover your face over a facial steamer for 15-30 seconds. This will help take away any powdery look, giving you a glow and letting your natural skin see through.

  • STILA Highlighter

An all time fave and easy to use highlighter by Stila called Kitten. A perfect combination of shimmer. Dust both colors together and use on the high point of your cheeks, center of nose, under the brow, and on your clavicles for a little extra radiant glow.

photos via CBS

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Using a Green Screen - Behind the Scenes in Filming a Commercial

I wanted to share with you today a little bit of a model's life and give you an idea of what it looks like behind the scenes using a green screen when filming a commercial. The magic of the green screen is incredibly fascinating to me. For this commercial we were never in an office, the people walking by and sitting around me were never filmed in a shot together. The only props used were a table, chair, cardboard box and 2 one dollar bills. It is so incredible what production can make appear real.

Watch the Mix & Win Commercial

Behind the scenes shots

Some professional advice for those of you reading this that are in the industry: Never wear green when you are a guest on a television set interview that might have an artificial looking backdrop or if you are bringing wardrobe for a commercial job. You might be placed in front of one of these screens and in editing what they will do is block out all the green and if you are in green that may include parts of YOU! Also be aware that blue screens are gaining in popularity as well so check in to see which it might be.

Some practical advice: Not everything is as it appears to be when you see something on television. Big stars insist on softening filters to disguise aging faces, and photoshop is well, you know, the magic eraser of everything. There is even a liquifying tool. Never hold yourself to that standard or make comparisons of your individual beauty based on ideals that aren't 100% real. Don't get fooled or insecure. Confidence in and of itself is extremely attractive!!