Monday, August 15, 2016

Adriana Lima - Model Crush Monday!

Bringing it back to Brazil this week as we continue our crushes on the Brazilian bombshells ... this week’s supermodel is the stunning Adriana Lima!  We have seen those eyes and that body for twenty years now and no one is getting tired of it or moving on to the next.  35 year old Adriana has become an icon in her time, having walked hundreds of designer runways, appeared in countless campaigns world-wide, and for dozens of international magazine covers.  Adriana has been the spokesperson for Maybelline Cosmetics for seven years and a Victoria’s Secret Angel since 2000 - their longest reigning Angel to date.  

Adriana has as many guy fans as she does women, and for good reason: she is a girls’ girl who inspires women to work out harder and to embrace their inner goddess, all while appearing in record breaking issues of Esquire and GQ.  She has even appeared twice in the legendary Pirelli Calendar, one of those times pregnant.  Her Superbowl ads for Victoria’s Secret, Kia, and Teleflora ranked at the top for number of viewers, with Adriana being the first celebrity to appear in two Superbowl ads in the same year.  

Adriana carried the Olympic torch in Rio, tearing up with pride and exclaiming to the world what an honor is was to be a part of such an epic time in Brazil.   Hosting TV segments along with fellow Angel Alessandra Ambrosio and Ryan Seacrest have kept her front and center these past two weeks, and we can’t get enough of her laugh and flirty nature! 

Adriana has femininity with an edge, eyes to dream about, and an exotic mix that makes us wish we were Brazilian!  Maybe if we work out more, learn to make cat eyes, and practice how to work our curves, all while channeling our inner-carioca…..

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Gisele Bundchen - Model Crush Monday!

Brazil is hot on everyone’s radar and not only because of the Rio Olympics.  Over a dozen of the world’s top supermodels have come out of Brazil in the last twenty years, which far exceeds any other nation!  And topping that enviable list is the iconic Gisele Bundchen, who Forbes Magazine declared the top earning model of 2015, at 44 million dollars, and with an overall worth of over 300 million.  

At thirty five years old, Gisele has been at the top of the modeling industry for over twenty-one years.  Now married to Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady, she is mom to two kids, and going as strong as ever, releasing a giant tome of a book published by Taschen this year aptly called “Gisele”, chronicling her career and showcasing her work with the best photographers of the last two decades, including Mario Testino, Helmut Newton, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, David Sims, and Patrick Demarchelier, who was the first photographer to notice she had something special at age sixteen, when he shot her on location for Harper’s Bazaar.

When Gisele began modeling she was regularly criticized for having a big nose and small eyes, but she was so focused and determined that she decided she would be the most professional, punctual, cheerful model on set, and right away  people started to take notice of her for her strong work ethic.  Even fashion design house Missoni ran an ad they had shot with her with Mario Testino, where her hair was blowing over her face, so as to disguise her nose.  But no one could deny that million-dollar body for long and in short order she was at the pinnacle of the modeling and fashion world, with rarely a break, even when she was pregnant.  Strong work ethic indeed! 

Gisele has proven that a gracious and outgoing personality, and complete professionalism are as crucial in a modeling career as physical appearance.    
She credits her success even more than her incredible body to her determination, professionalism, and positive attitude. 

Gisele has shot countless campaigns and magazine covers and editorials, including Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, David Yurman, Roberto Cavalli, Isabel Marant, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Pantene, and Stuart Weitzman.  

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Traction Alopecia - Hair loss Caused by Extensions and How to Repair.

Traction Alopecia is more common than you think and within your control to prevent. Literally it is caused from constant tension, and pulling on fragile hair follicles. Women who wear hair extensions are at the highest risk of developing this condition, but the good news is that you can recover from traction alopecia if you act immediately! 

When extensions are glued, bonded, taped or sewn in to your hair, too much weight is placed on the hair follicles and can cause damage to them. Breakage occurs as hair is "lost" and literally breaks off the hair it is attached to. Also removal of hair extensions or new placement of the extensions for maintenance, requires chemical solvents for removal that are severely damaging. Even that gentle picking off can cause damage.   It is the pulling "traction" that causes traction alopecia and hair loss. If you detect this early you can repair the damage.

Hair follicles are very fragile and just like over plucking your eyebrows, once you damage a hair follicle it can forever stop producing a hair. We are born with a certain number of hair follicles at birth. There is nothing that can stimulate or grow a NEW hair follicle. You get what you get so to speak, so you must be gentle and take care of them. 

If you are an extension wearer and notice your hair is thinning, or falling out more than normal in areas where extension are, then it is time to rethink your hair choices. Because hair extensions are helping your hair appear fuller this may go on for some time before you notice.

First you need to remove the extension method that you are using. If you can't bear the thought of giving up your hair there is a design option that does not cause damage that you might consider, Hidden Crown Hair Extensions - this temporary extension design is a whole head of hair on a single invisible thin filament - it has no clips, no glue and can help you still have luscious hair while you recover.

Here are other tips to reduce your recovery time for traction alopecia:

  • Stop using any chemicals in your hair - hair dye or bleach
  • Air dry your hair - no Heat
  • Wash with restorative shampoos sulfate-free
  • Avoid harsh hair styles that pull tightly or use of elastic rubber bands

Finally, make sure you are nourishing your hair follicles from the inside out. Your diet should contain omega 3 fatty acids, lean protein, fruits and vegetables along with drinking plenty of water!

Please comment below if you have experienced this problem and the time it took for recovery, or any helpful tips for others facing this unexpected condition. 

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Hello Rio! Top Models Train like Olympic Athletes

The Rio Olympics are in full swing and promises to be as spectacular as ever, with the added bonus of being set against a backdrop of dramatic scenery and exotic beaches covered in carioca and their enviable figures.  Not one nation does beach culture quite like the Brazilians with their emphasis on toned but curvy bodies, and sporty athleticism.  Beach sports are everywhere on Copacabana Beach, from sand volleyball, foot volley, surfing, to frescobol, which is a bit like paddle tennis on the sand, and everyone participates while showing off their fit bodies in the tiniest of swimwear – no wonder the Brazilian bikini wax started right here.  

The Olympics always inspire me in my own fitness routine to be stronger, faster, leaner, and to have more endurance.  It makes sense that many of the top models in the world train like athletes to achieve their amazing bodies and to be at the top of their game, some even after having babies, like Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, and Doutzen Kroes.  

Adriana Lima mixes jump rope with shadow boxing, Doutzen Krose goes for ballet and biking, Isabel Goulart mixes her routine up between running, TRX, and pilates.  Gigi Hadid also boxes several times and week, and Karli Kloss uses resistance bands and does pilates.  

Weight training, non-deep lunges, pilates, ballet and barre classes, jumping rope, boxing and running are the top choices of models, who mix up their training, alternating between cardio and weigh-bearing exercise.  Pilates and ballet improve posture and core strength and give muscles long, lean definition, which is essential for models.  Cardio gives them stamina and energy. Being genetically tall is one thing but these girls train like athletes to reach their peak physical potential, and to be lean and strong rather than skinny and weak.  

Traveling, or not having access to a gym is no excuse to skip a workout.  These models are prepared and diligent about getting in a workout no matter where they are in the world.  They bring ankle weights, slide plates, jump ropes and resistance bands so they can exercise anywhere.  I’ve even seen models doing lunges up and down hallways at castings, and jumping jacks in dressing rooms and pushups against the walls – every little bit helps and keeps the body alert and not always at rest, which maintains a good metabolism, and energy level.  Not to mention long, lean, muscle tone.  So no excuses!  We might not have access to top fitness trainers and gyms but we can follow these models and be inspired to get moving and to be our best. Many top models post examples of their workout routines on their instagram feeds if you need a daily dose of inspiration!  

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Monday, August 1, 2016

Stella Maxwell - Model Crush Monday !

It’s been a steamy summer so it’s appropriate that our Model Crush Monday this week is the smoking hot bombshell Stella Maxwell.

Truly an international beauty, 26 year old Stella Maxwell was born in Belgium to Northern Irish Diplomat parents, and raised in Belgium, Australia and New Zealand, now calling NYC and LA home.  

2015 and 2016 have been banner years for Stella, winning her wings as a Victoria Secret Angel, and being named the #1 Hottest Woman by Maxim Magazine.  Not bad for a girl who calls herself a late bloomer!  She has walked the runways of Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Balmain to name just a few, and shot editorials for several international editions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Numero, Purple, and Glamour Magazines.  

Modeling is a stepping-stone for Stella who is recording her first album in hopes of a music career.  Rising to the top so quickly in the modeling world certainly won’t hurt her chances of staying in the limelight for a long time to come!  

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