Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Beauty - You're SEXY and You Know IT!

Did you know that the average American woman kisses 79 men before she gets married?

The perfect kiss is definitely a combination of a lot of things, but moist lips top the list every time! Guys like it natural, no sticky gloss or bright red color transfer allowed! A couple of guys in their dorm room who I think were probably trying to invent ways to meet up with chics, thought so too, and developed a 2 person lip balm called KISSTIXX; Chocolate and Strawberry, Fire and Ice, Peaches and Cream - It's a little bit like combining Jelly Bellys to make your favorite flavor. Each person applies their own and then kiss to taste the chemical reaction. Full of emollients, vitamins and sunscreen, it's super yummy and irresistable. Featured on Shark Tank last year, this won the support of an investor. You can buy a duo online {Here} for just $5.99, but look for it in stores soon!

Well, who doesn't need a little more energy in the romance department to spice up their love life? Sprayology has made this an easy venture with their popular homeopathic oral spray called Woman Power (not to leave the guys out there is also a Man Power) that promises to help rev up your libido! Two sprays under the tongue up to 3 times a day and you're well on your way to feeling sexy again from the inside out. What I love about this whole line, {sleep, diet, stress, hangover, vitamins} is that they don't have any side effects, FDA regulated to use for anyone 2 years and older. Plus I don't choke swallowing a lot of supplements and it doesn't make my stomach upset. Using it 3 times a day, one bottle should last you an entire month. Check it out {HERE}

Valentines Day is always about finding a gift that says I LOVE YOU. And the perfect last minute gift? Ahhh Yes the infamous love coupon. Afterall, who doesn't like the promises that these little gift certificates hold? Use an empty day of the week pill box for a fun take on this old idea and instead of pills, fill it with his favorite candies and seven days of surprises with customized coupons, just for him. 

These can be as easy as a Leg Massage, Breakfast in Bed, or something we all need .... Get out the Doghouse FREE card. If you want to make it a little steamy: Have it Your Way, Your Personal Genie  i.e. Your Wish is my command or why not offer to re-enact a favorite moment you both share like your first date or your wedding night. Romantic love notes like I love you because .... are good to mix in if you don't want to offer up too much of yourself! HA

Everyone really does love an IOU, even kids, and because Valentine's Day falls during the week, it's not always easy to get out to do something special together because of work and homework, so write a special little note and hide it in a chocolate box. Something like "Let's get an ice cream - just you and mom" and your little one will love looking forward to planning the perfect time to spend it with you!

Everyone's face looks prettier with a little flush, and Physician Formula's Happy Booster Blush is formulated with natural plant extracts that mimic endorphins that actually promote feelings of happiness! The packaging is so darn cute you can't help but smile looking at it, and the rosy glow it gives your cheeks makes it a WIN-WIN for only $12 available at your drug-stores. Just swirl your blush brush to combine the hues (there are different intensities of rosy glow). I like using the lighter one and layering it as almost a highlighter on top of my regular blush because it has this beautiful luminescent quality to it. 

If you missed the Grammy's Sunday night, you must check out the mani-cam sponsored by Cover Girl {HERE}

Everyone is obsessed with nail art these days and there a ton of ways to decorate your nails, but nothing easier than the nail appliques available everywhere for about $10. Super easy to do yourself, just start with a dry nail, apply the sticker, bend it over your nail and file off the extra. They won't always tell you this in the instructions, but be sure to hit it with a clear top coat for extra staying power! These should last about 10 days.

Finally, if you happen to be with a "legg" man, you'll want to know about the collaboration with Venus and Olay. They make a refillable 5 blade razor that you don't need to use shaving creme with because as soon as you get it wet the Olay moisturizing bars lather up and give you a smooth shave no matter if you're in the shower or not. I love this whole concept, especially since I am a model known for her gams. 

You're SEXY and YOU KNOW IT!

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