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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Models as Social Media Influencers: The What, Why, and How to Succeed

Social media:  it is the new reality of modeling and cannot be ignored.  The entire fashion and beauty industries have been changed by the power of the individual on social media platforms, affecting advertising, branding, and even in some cases actual design.  For the first time in the world of modeling, models have more control over their personal brand image than ever before. 

By now we all know that having a large, engaged following on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram and Twitters is gauged as “influence” and clients are now considering a model’s own influence on social media in the casting process.  A model’s look or portfolio are not enough to land bookings in many cases, as clients are interested in models who have a large number of followers and will give a shout out to their brand, post or re-post project-related (and approved) images and video clips (stories), or simply have a recognized face and persona that are in line with their own brand image and reflects their target market.   So powerful is this influence that agencies are now representing talent that often does not conform to traditional model standards.  Tattoos, piercings, extreme looks, unnatural hair color, shorter types, and quirky models are now cast for campaigns because of their own personal influence and cool factor.  The ramifications for the standard models is enormous as the competition increases and the cult of personality becomes extremely important to a successful career. 

So what does that all mean to new models and those looking to take their career to the next level?  We asked several models and agents for their tips on how to manage this new side of the business of modeling to stand out and increase your own influence:

Content - What to post: 

- selfies: on set with makeup and hair done or in the process – no duck lips - ever
- natural selfies: clean, fresh, pretty
- inspirational pics or clips: working out and showing how fit you are
- eating real food: everyone loves seeing a model enjoying her meal
- street style: going to castings, with other models or alone
- smiling: this is often not a shot in a model’s book so this is the perfect place to show off your amazing smile
- activities: doing things that you love that show you are more than just a “model”, such as skateboarding, hiking, reading, cooking, days out with friends, family time
- travel: amazing views or sites that you really like such as skylines, beaches, art work, urban scenes
- behind-the-scene pics or clips: with permission - always
- your best features: if you have amazing eyes or long legs this is the perfect chance to show them off
- personality: show it off – this is your chance to be you
- humor: shows you are real, fun, and that you don’t take yourself too seriously
- clips: use Snapchat and Instagram Stories to bring your personal brand to life

How often to post:

Believe it or not some agencies require their models to post twice per day to build their feeds quickly with content.  And they are watching to see what you post, so keep that in mind.  Once you have established a reasonable number of followers on your platforms, once a day will be enough. 

Hashtags: #

- check what hashtags agencies and top models use and keep a list for yourself
- when posting to Instagram, use only a couple of hashtags in the initial post and then immediately comment on your own post to add a few more
- check the app Hashtagger to learn which tags are trending for the type of photo or clip you want to post
- common hashtags are #modellife, #modeloffduty, #modelstyle, #modelcasting, #onestowatch, #newfaces, #motivation, #backstage, #makeup, #behindthescenes, #modelstreetstyle

Do’s and don't’s:

- always check with the agency for their own rules regarding posts on your accounts
- it is not your model portfolio so only post test shots with the express permission of the photographer – always check so you don’t infringe on anyone’s copyright and credit everyone involved in creating that particular shoot
- post covers, runway images, and tear sheets interspersed with your personal pics and clips to show your progress and that you are a working model
- the fastest way to lose out on potential bookings with great clients is to post nudity or a lot of butt shots – unless that is the type of modeling work you want.

How to keep it authentic:

            This is your chance to have your own voice in your brand image, to have personality, and to be a “real” personal rather than a mannequin ready to be transformed into other people’s vision.   Be yourself and it will show.  Being precious sends the wrong message to potential clients and could actually hurt your chances of making strong impressions with potential clients.  Endear yourself to your followers and let them see what the modeling life is actually like.  Take them on your adventure and share this exciting time.  Be gracious and answer their comments, and delete the ones that throw shade.  It is your feed, your account, your brand.  

How to increase your followers:

- don’t buy followers – it is easy for other people to see that you did that and they will know you are trying to inflate your influence – and most of those followers will disappear quickly and your numbers will actually decline – you don’t want potential clients to see that negative spiral
- follow other models, photographers, brands, designers, art directors, editors, magazines, stylists, makeup artists, and clients
- comment quickly on other model’s and industry pros' posts so your comment is seen right away, and keep the comments friendly and fun, as other people might in turn check out your profile and follow you
- be regularly active on the platforms, both in posting and in commenting and liking
- be generous in your “likes” – what goes around comes around

Influence is here to stay and models must embrace it to succeed. Don’t be overwhelmed with the task of gaining influence.  Think of it as a way to control your brand image, outside of your portfolio.  Revel in being able to show your own style and personality, and use it as a tool to learn how to be a better model in front of the camera.  Find your best angles and expressions.  Practice moving in front of the camera.  Make it yours!

                                                               XOXO  Shelley

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Quirky Beauty - The New Faces of Modeling

We are so used to the blank stares on the lengthy line of fashion’s runways as the model clones parade by without any hint of individuality or even the slightest suggestion of sensuality or femininity.  To be honest, it has not in any way been the fault of the models, but rather demanded by designers and brands to keep the focus on the fashion rather than the models.  This has been the trend for over a decade and just like fashion, trends ebb and flow, and finally the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction, to the “cult of personality” which gave rise to the supermodels in its first round in the early nineties.  And we couldn’t welcome it more.  

Runway models before that era were called mannequins for good reason: they were not meant to be distinct in any way, but to be thin, elegant, and basically a walking dress form.  This trend was repeated in the early part of this century as a counterpoint to the supermodels who became oftentimes as relevant and influential as the designers and brands themselves.  The models were so indistinct that celebrities took over many of the magazine fashion editorials, covers, and campaigns.  Agencies have been full of these seemingly interchangeable models that were so void of any individuality that these women could never have built a career standing out from the pack.  The rise of social media and “influence” is having such an enormous impact on the industry as a whole that the model-clone trend is crashing and disappearing.  Brands now hire models based on their social media influence and personal style, and the only way she can build a huge personal following is by embracing her uniqueness and being a larger-than-life personality. 

Scouts hunt far and wide for different, often un-definable beauty, looks that break with  traditional ideas of beauty, and sometimes models without any seemingly normal perception of “beauty” at all, but who rank high on the influence scale.  Agents and scouts are actively encouraging models to be more than just a clotheshorse, as it broadens their appeal and social influence if they have other skills, talents and abilities.  Acting, singing, music, athletics, surfing, dj-ing, cooking, blogging, designing, dancing, being genetically or ethnically ambiguous, all add to a model’s potential for wide appeal.  Just like club kids, indie actors and musicians inspired designers like Marc Jacobs in the early nineties, doing something while modeling on the side is a valid part of a model’s personal brand-building, which is essential in a successful career.  What was in the past a distraction is now considered an asset.  Not only does it open the doors of the fashion world to a more inclusive, exciting, creative section of the population, it is infinitely more appealing to a wider audience as it reflects the world around us, and not some other-worldly ideal. 

Everyone now cultivates their own brand on their social media, creating their visual identity, defining what fashion means to them, and its place in their lives.  Quirky models who are unique, ethnically ambiguous, extremely tall, or not so tall at all, are racking up mileage on fashion runways and in campaigns.  Dreads, afros, super wide-set eyes, large noses, androgynous, gap-toothed, and long-faced models are having an impact, and allowing us to look at fashion from another perspective, not only on the runway but in editorials and campaigns as well.  

We always think that fashion sets the trends and is a step ahead of the curve in its edicts and dictates, but now the industry is being influenced.  Just like the rest of us. 

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