Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cover Girl ad banned in US - Fake Beauty: A guide to keeping it Real!

Bigger, Better, Bolder

Beauty campaigns have been banned across Europe for over-photoshopping. Today, the US finally weighs in ... banning ads by Covergirl. The ads, one which featured popstar Taylor Swift promoting NatureLuxe Mouse Mascara, promised "2X's more volume" on lashes but couldn't be substantiated. The disclaimer in fine print on the bottom clearly stating "lashes enhanced in post production". 

For a reality check watch the 2006 Dove "Evolution" video showing a model's progression from bare face to perfectly airbrushed billboard transformation.

The fake photoshopped look has become normalized because we no longer distinguish the difference between what is realistic and achievable vs what is fake. Women are spending more money than ever for hair extensions, plastic surgery, veneers ... otherwise known as "peacocking": trying to show off and stand out amongst other women. 

It's time to consider the man's perspective in this wholeheartedly, especially the part where men don't like anything that looks fake. It becomes too distracting for them, they find it hard to believe that your eyelashes could really be that long and they start to wonder what else might not be the real deal. That bold lip color that you think will entice him to a kiss? He sees it only as a threat ... becoming smeared across his own face if he does. 

Models and celebrities know that there are products that can enhance your looks and bring out your own special glow, but even so you must be careful not to overdo it. Like overly manipulated photos, you could quickly become banned from a guy's attention or a call back for that model audition, by layering it on too heavy.

Here are some great products to try for natural looking enhancements in photos and in real life:

Benefit's Benetint $29 - "the sexiest flush you can get from a bottle." Benefit's kiss-proof and waterproof,  sheer rose-tinted cheek and lip stain.

Lorac's TANtalizer Bronzing Luminzer $32 - An easy way to mesmerize a better-than-natural looking bronze tan in a matter of seconds.

Crest 3D Whitestrips - Teeth whitening can set you back a few hundred dollars but these strips, used nightly, can give similar results over time. (New York city dentist, Golub-Evan says that 20 years ago when he worked with model Paulina Porizkova she insisted he keep her teeth their natural color but recently she came in to have them whitened saying "We live in a society that prizes youth and white teeth are a part of that. ")

Mac's Zoomlash Mascara $15- reportedly Kim Kardashian's favorite, it is also one of mine. Mascara is not all the same, but they all contain the same basic components. To make them really work for you apply a thickening formula over a lengthening mascara and watch your eyes really pop! 

For more secrets about how to look flawless in front of a camera (without photoshop!) pick up or download my book Face This: Real Advice From Real Models, Photographers and Make Up Artists on How to Become Picture Perfect!  

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