Friday, May 11, 2012

Busy Mom's Guide to Beauty Shortcuts

"Put the Oxygen Mask Over Your Own Face First!"
We have all heard this familiar phrase from flight attendants before take off, but this is also good advice to consider on a daily basis if you are a busy mom. I know it can be challenging when you feel time constrained to work "beauty goddess" into your day so here are some tips that can help!

Pre-Book Beauty Appointments and Don't Cancel!
When someone compliments me on the way I look, I wish I could reply that it's all natural, but I can't because it takes a good deal of effort to stay in shape, look current and be manicured. It is key that you schedule beauty appointments for yourself well in advance while planning the family calendar so that you are never walking around with split ends, 2 inch roots and cracked heels.

Always carry a pack of necessities in your car or purse. 
Inevitably there will be days when you finally get out the door with everyone in the car only to look into the rear view mirror and think, "How did I leave the house looking like this?" Since Johnny is locked in the back seat in a 5 point harness take advantage of the opportunity to be hands free since it might be the only time you will have like this all day. Keep 3 things at all times in your survivor kit:

  • Concealer. Great for undereye circles from lack of sleep and to even out skin tone.
  • Lipstick. A swipe of rosy pink looks good on almost everyone and can double as a cheek stain for a pretty glow to brighten up your face.
  • Mascara. A quick pass on the lashes will open up your eyes and add instant definition.

Optimize your shower time. 
  • Apply a whitener strip before getting wet. According to Jason Olitsky, a dentist in NYC, the heat from the water can help enhance the stain-lifting power of the whitening ingredients.
  • Don't skip Shaving or you'll be tempted to throw on those sweatpants ... again.
  • Exfoliate, remove dirt and stimulate collagen by using one of the new waterproof sonic facial brushes on your face.
  • Apply your lotion immediately upon toweling off to lock in moisture while your skin is still damp.

  • Tint your lashes and you won't need to apply mascara for a few months 
  • Use 3 in 1 products like the new BB Creams that have moisturizers, SPF, tinted coverage, primers, and vitamins all in one squeeze. 
  • No time for a shower? Use dry shampoo.
  • Keep baby wipes on your nightstand to remove makeup on those evenings you just fall into your bed!
  • Get rid of fly aways and frizzy hairs by moisturizing your hands as usual and then running them through your hair to tame down the wispies.
  • Keep spoons in the freezer and apply under puffy eyes in the morning to reduce inflammation.
  • If you can't tweeze stray eyebrows, use an inexpensive (3 for $5) eyebrow razor sold in pharmacies for a quick touch up.
  • If you don't have time for a full mani-pedi, a polish change can get you by for another week. Plus it only requires 10 minutes in a salon as opposed to 45. A lollipop for your 2 year old and you should be able to make it through.

Exercise between laundry and chores.

  • Throw in a few lunges. 
  • Squeeze your abs and butt each time you bring the vacuum hose in toward you. 
  • Put on some music and dance while you make dinner. 
  • Instead of "sitting" on the toilet - Do a deep squat. You'll feel your quads kick in immediately.

Mother's Day 2005
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