Monday, June 24, 2013

Wedding Day tips to be Picture Perfect - Nano Gold Technology What it is and Why You'll want to Use It!

Everyone is trying to save money where they can these days, but one area that you shouldn't cut back on is skin-care, especially if you are the bride to be! After the wedding is said and done and thousands of dollars have been spent, what you are left with is a photograph - one that you'll want to be glowing in! 

You can watch all of my picks to get you ready for any summer wedding as a guest or the bride in this video:

We choose to get married in gold bands because they last forever. As beautiful as sterling is, it has a flaw ... it tarnishes with time. But did you know that gold, specifically nano-gold also has beauty implications for repairing damaged skin cells and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles?

Nano-technology is generating alot of excitement in the beauty industry and you are going to be hearing about it more and more in future anti-aging products. Nano particles, because of their microscopic size, penetrate deeper underneath the skin to the cellular level to deliver higher doses of antioxidants, leaving skin looking younger, tighter and more hydrated.

Nano-gold will not make you rich ... 10,000 particles next to each other would only make up the width of a single strand of human hair, but they are being studied by cancer researchers for their implications and potential for melanomas, and other challenging dermatologic conditions.

Orogold Cosmetics is established in the beauty industry for using gold's beneficial properties in their skin care lines with products ranging from $28 to their 24K Nano Hydra Silk Mask at $1500. You might think that the price tag, like gold itself, is by the ounce, but products like these with nano particles of antioxidants are harder to make, so they will cost more, but you can indulge no matter what your budget is. Think of this as an investment in reversing existing damage and preventing issues later on. Afterall, beauty is a currency we all want to be rich in.

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